Sixth person arrested in connection to several theft cases

John Randall Berg, 51, of Friday Harbor is charged with residential burglary, trafficking stolen property and possession of stolen property. His bail is set at $5,000.

His arraignment is set for March 17.

Berg is the sixth person to be arrested in connection to several theft cases. He was allegedly involved in the following case:

On Feb. 6 a deputy took a report from an individual whose Cattle Point home was broken into via the garage. Knud “Butch” Kristian Kaj Sakstrup, Jr., was arrested after a deputy investigated the case. On Feb. 14, Sakstrup spoke with the sheriff’s department about the incident. According to probable cause documents, Sakstrup said he and Berg traveled together on Feb. 6 with the intent to break into the home on Cattle Point.

The following was recorded by a sheriff’s deputy:

Sakstrup alleged that he and Berg broke into the residence via the garage to remove tools that were later recovered by the sheriff’s office. The two allegedly put the tools in a blue Blazer registered to a woman who was in the process of selling the vehicle to Berg.

Sakstrup told a deputy that he and a different woman Shawna Mustain “prowled” the residence a few days prior. On Feb. 3 they entered the garage of the Cattle Point residence, where they allegedly took a propane torch.

On Feb. 7, Sakstrup wanted to borrow the torch but Shawna Mustain informed him that her son was using it. According to Sakstrup, the adult son lives in a closet in his mother’s residence. The son, Nick Mustain, has two warrants out for his arrest for a drug and trespass charge.

On Feb. 8, a citizen saw a post by the homeowner on Facebook where he revealed pictures of the stolen tools. She later ran into Shawna Mustain and mentioned the post. Shawn Mustain allegedly mentioned that Sakstrup may have the tools at her residence where he was temporarily staying. The citizen went to the residence and alleged that Sakstrup gave her a tool as a gift. Sakstrup told the citizen that the item was not stolen. The citizen brought the tool to the homeowner who identified them as his.

Another man, allegedly involved with the theft, also told deputies that he drove Sakstrup to the Cattle Point home and watched him take tools from the residence.