Sheriff confirms bear has been caught

The bear that has been touring Orcas Island since Memorial Day weekend has been captured and relocated. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife caught the bear the evening of Thursday, June 8.

“He was found inside the culvert trap they had set at an address off of Olga Road sometime last night,” said San Juan County Sheriff Ron Krebs. “Both WDFW and I feel the best for the bear was to remove him so that he was not harmed by someone in the community by either self-defense or being hit by a car.”

Krebs said in a press released that the bear had not acted aggressive and seemed to have been enjoying a steady diet of bird seed, garbage and barbecue leftovers while on Orcas.

“He was taken off island last night and relocated this morning in Eastern Skagit County near the Marblemount area,” said Krebs. “It looks like Orcas Island is going to have to find another mayor candidate.”