Seattle man charged in local fraud case

Dimitri V. Paramonov, a 43-year-old Seattle man, is being charged with two counts of forgery, a felony.

According to the Probable Cause statement, on July 17, a woman reported a fraudulent situation. She had hired Felix General Contracting, owned by Paramonov to install flooring. The flooring was installed, but while balancing her checkbook, the woman noticed that her account was off by $6,500.

Going back through her bank statements, she realized two checks she had written to Felix General Contracting had been withdrawn twice.

One check was withdrawn June 1, for $4,399.69, and a second time July 8. The other, written for $2,147.05 was withdrawn June 3, and again on July 8. The checks were first withdrawn via a mobile deposit and then cashed through the overnight deposit at Banner Bank. The dates had also been visibly altered between the two different deposits. The total illegally taken from her account was $6,546.74.

The woman also noted that Paramonv had been to her home several times to install the flooring, and had demanded payment immediately, sometimes becoming aggressive, which scared her.

“I believe there is probable cause for the crime of financial fraud because it is apparent the checks were intentionally altered,” deputy Issac Norton said in his probate cause statement.

Paramonov has a previous record of reckless driving.

Paramonov’s arraignment hearing is scheduled for Oct. 31 at 9:30 a.m.