San Juan County Council and Conservation Land Bank on Glenwood Inn Property

Submitted by San Juan County.

The San Juan County Council and the San Juan County Conservation Land Bank are pleased to announce the purchase of the Glenwood Inn/North Shore property on Orcas Island and the forward progress on the conservation easement with our partners at San Juan Preservation Trust. During the Aug. 2 council meeting, Council made clear its support of the continued partnership between the Conservation Land Bank and the Preservation Trust.

Council clarified the purchase of the property and the extent of the future conservation easement by approving Resolution 21-2022. The resolution states their support of the San Juan Preservation Trust’s intention to purchase a conservation easement. It also rescinds a portion of resolution 13-2022 that directed the Land Bank director to negotiate the CE by the end of the year, thus providing more time for the complex work required to complete the negotiations.

These actions strengthen the county’s relationship with the Preservation Trust and support the facilitation of valuable shoreline conservation. The county is delighted that future public access to the property will continue to increase awareness and support of salmon recovery and public lands.

The San Juan County Conservation Land Bank and Council thank the dedicated volunteers and community members who support continued conservation efforts throughout the islands. Together, we look forward to more successful acquisitions.