Rash of street sign thefts

Submitted by San Juan County.

San Juan County is experiencing a slew of street sign thefts, leaving intersections and many popular roads unmarked. County officials are calling for the public’s help in finding and returning missing street signs.

In the last two months, 13 signs were stolen, bringing 2022’s total to 35 stolen signs. Used for more than navigation by locals and visitors, street signs are imperative for the Sheriff’s office, EMS firefighters, and other emergency and utility services who rely on accurate signage.

Each road sign costs around $250 to replace if the post and bracket can be salvaged. These replacements are paid for by taxpayer dollars.

Public Works crews are working quickly to replace the missing signs, but in doing so, are being pulled away from other important duties like mowing, road repair, and maintenance projects. That’s why the department is asking for the public’s help in tracking down and returning stolen signs or urging friends and family to leave signs in place.

The department would like to thank the anonymous citizen who brought back seven of the stolen signs to the Guard Street office. Others wishing to provide the same service, are encouraged to return signs – no questions asked – to 1000 Guard Street, Friday Harbor.