Port of Friday Harbor Welcomes New Port Director

Marilyn O’Connor will retire on June 30 from the Port of Friday Harbor. She has been with the Port for 31 years. Since November 2007 she has served as Executive Director. Before then, she held the positions of Port Auditor and Deputy Director.

Over the course of three decades Marilyn has participated in most projects and programs that have taken place at the Marina, at Jackson Beach Park and at Friday Harbor Airport. Most recently she managed the $9 million reconstruction of Spring Street Landing, which will be complete later this summer.

“I’ve been lucky to work in a place I care about, with great people, doing work for our community. I love our small town and being outside, so this has been a good place for me. I want to thank everyone for their support and participation over the years.” Marilyn will continue living on the island. “Seems like a perfect place to retire, and I already live here.”

New director

The Port of Friday Harbor Commission is pleased to announce Ted Fitzgerald of Brookings Oregon as the new Executive Director at the Port of Friday Harbor beginning July 1.

After evaluation of more than 30 applications from around the country, Ted was chosen as the most qualified candidate to lead the Port of Friday Harbor.

Ted has been the Executive Director for the Port of Brookings Harbor on the southern Oregon coast, since 2008. He holds a law degree from the University of San Francisco.

Management of Brookings Harbor, a similar-sized organization to the Port of Friday Harbor, has given Ted the opportunity to become familiar with busy small port operations.

Ted, who grew up in Brookings and is well acquainted with the challenges and rewards of small town living has stated, “I’m looking forward to getting to know Friday Harbor better and finding out what contributions I can make to its beautiful airport and marina.”

In 2011, Ted was in charge of the multimillion-dollar rebuild of the Port of Brookings Harbor after extensive damage caused by tsunamis from an earthquake in Japan. Ted wrote grants and oversaw the reconstruction as executive director.

Ted and crew will be sailing his Irwin 53′ sailboat up the Oregon/Washington coast in June before he takes the helm at the Port.

The commission is grateful to retiring Port Director Marilyn O’Connor (please see accompanying article on Ms. O’Connor) who is retiring after 31 years of public service to our port. Because of her knowledge and leadership, Ted will take the reins of an organization with a strong bottom line, a rebuilt marina and breakwater and a beautiful new waterfront building complex at Spring Street Landing.