Passages: Kathryn “Robbie” Robb

Kathryn Robb, known to many islanders as “Robbie,” was born in Great Britain on April 29, 1933, and died in the morning of Oct. 24, 2008. She passed away in her home on San Juan Island surrounded by a few friends and loyal old dog, Sam, by her side.

The cause of death was cancer. Robbie had first gone to the medical center in Friday Harbor and then to the hospital on the mainland at the start of her symptomatology. Unfortunately, no one was able to diagnose her at the start of this horrific disease.

Robbie pushed on in her independent nature with her old canine pal, Sam, of 15 years, a fleet of rescued cats, and an old horse, Cinnabar. Robbie loved her animal and human friends, nature and the arts. When diagnosed a year and a half later, it was already too late, although she fought hard.

She will be most remembered for her free spirit, intoxicating independence and keen stories; her generosity to animals, people and nature; and her lovely British accent. She was a Royal Navy veteran.

Robbie is survived by her niece, Laura, in England. A private memorial will be held by her friends at Lime Kiln at a later date. For those of us who knew Robbie, we are stronger for it. She will be greatly missed. May she rest in peace.

In lieu of flowers, Robbie’s friends and family respectfully request that donations be made to the Animal Inn at 25 Boyce Road in Friday Harbor to pay the remaining balance of $200 for lodging Sam while she was infirmed. Any further donations should be directed to the Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor at P.O. Box 1355, where they gently took care of ol’ Sam until he, too, passed on to be with Robbie two days later.

— Friends and family of Kathryn Robb