Orcas man charged with identity theft and trafficking stolen property

An Orcas man has been charged with trafficking in stolen property in the first degree, identity theft in the first degree and identity theft in the second degree.

Brian Douglas McClerren, 35, of Orcas Island, has an arraignment date of July 31.

According to court documents, clients of McClerren’s window washing business noticed on June 11 that he had cashed a check from them for $4,722.90. The clients recalled he had washed their windows in May, but that they had paid him $570 for his work.

They reported to the San Juan County Sheriff’s Department that McClerren had washed their windows for two years with no issues, and on that particular day, May 30, they had left the house to run some errands while he worked.

McClerren admitted to the sheriff’s office that he had taken two checks and a ring, and recounted what happened on May 30. According to the detective’s report, McClerren said he had been washing windows in the client’s office when he saw a checkbook. He stated that he took two checks from two different checkbooks from the middle of the books so that the clients would not notice the missing check right away.

According to the report, McClerren said while he cleaned the mirrors in the client’s bedroom, he took a man’s wedding ring that was in a jewelry box in a cloth bag. The detective wrote: “Brian stated that he did not have a plan to steal the checks and ring going into this job.”

According to the detective, McClerren then began crying during the police interview.

On June 8, McClerren went to Burlington, Wash., to sell the ring he had taken and received $600 for it. He cashed the stolen checks, as well as the check for the ring.

According to the detective’s report, when McClerren’s wife was interviewed she told them they were having marital problems, and McClerren told her he was leaving her and their 4-year-old daughter and assuming a new identity.

McClerren stated that he was planning on taking the money that he had stolen along with his personal money and was going to “just leave.” He said he had a friend in California who told him he could prospect for gold there.

In the report McClerren said he “feels horrible” and that he sent a letter of apology to the clients he stole from. Trafficking in stolen property in the first degree, identity theft in the first degree and identity theft in the second degree are a Class B felony, Class B felony, and Class C felony, respectively. McClarren had no previous criminal history.

McClerren ran for San Juan County Council in 2013 District 3 on Lopez Island and lost to Jamie Stephens.

He has since moved to Orcas Island.