Orcas exploit humans | The Gerbil

By Call me Baby

Researchers from the Deepwater Insurance Institute have found startling evidence of underwater parks where humans are exploited to the delight of the several orca Southern resident pods.

“It was horrifying,” said Blue Roberston, lead researcher describing the acts humans are required to perform at the parks. “Like something out of ‘Planet of the Apes.”‘

The acts were viewed via a remotely operated robot searching for sunken ships.

Roberston went on to describe a “bubble” pod somehow filled with oxygen near the bottom of the Puget Sound. Inside of these sphere, several humans in pajamas were doing what appeared to be “tricks” under the instruction of a young killer whale holding a taser. What was most upsetting to researchers was that the tricks were too rudimentary, tasks like cartwheels and sitting and then standing appeared to enthrall the pods of whales watching the “show.”

It even appeared that the whales were posing for a selfie in front of the remotely operated robot.

“It’s hard to even say what this all means,” said Robertson. “Is this actually for entertainment or are the whales trying to make a point?”

Even more troubling, says Roberston, how did the whales capture the humans, how did they build the bubble and how long have the humans been down there?

Researchers and law enforcement are still trying to locate the exact location of the “bubbles.” If caught, it is unclear how the county will deal with charging these orcas.

Human advocates say they are outraged.

“How can they treat us that way,” said Cindy Crawler, who created a Facebook page, “Humans are Humans too,” page soon after the photos of the incident were released on the web.

The page reads, “These humans have families here on land that miss them very much. These humans did not choose to live in a bubble. Set them free.”

Long-time whale advocates are remaining fairly silent on the issue so far, but one advocate spoke to the Gerbil as an anonymous source.

“For two long there has been an inbalance of power. It was only a matter of time before the orcas started fighting back,” they said. “And it’s about time.”

The advocate hopes that this incident will bring awareness about the treatment of humans and whales and all other creatures on earth and land.