One arrested after drug activity complaint in Friday Harbor

A man with an alias was arrested on a felony warrant after local law officials received complaints in Friday Harbor.

According to the police report, James Onward Bolt, 34, was arrested on Sunday, Oct. 1 by a San Juan County Deputy for allegedly violating parole for the possession of a controlled substance, out of Marysville, Washington.

A deputy stopped Bolt and his friend around 7:30 p.m. after receiving complaints of alleged drug activity and disorderly conduct, stated the report. The friend had a Colorado driver’s license and was not arrested.

According to the report, one complaint said, “two males were heating up a spoon” and the other said they were “in traffic, yelling at cars” around Harrison Street and the ferry landing’s lot A.

Bolt originally identified himself as 31-year-old James M. McCrillis with no ID card. When the deputy radioed the name to dispatch, McCrillis came up as one of Bolt’s aliases. The suspect eventually confirmed his real identity. During a search, stated the report, the deputy found three syringes and a metal spoon on Bolt.