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Mullis Street improvement project construction update

  • Sun Apr 4th, 2021 12:46pm
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Submitted by the Town of Friday Harbor

The Town of Friday Harbor truly appreciates everyone’s patience while we work through this project. A project manager is on-site at all times to address concerns. Questions for daily operations can be directed to the Contractor Justin Konnerup, Konnerup Construction, 425-508-0847, or the Project Inspector Pedro Mena, Town of Friday Harbor, at 360-378-2154. Updates on the project will be posted online.

As always, drive carefully and thank you in advance for proceeding with caution in areas where Crews are working in the roadway.

Project task(s)

The contractor will be demolishing the existing pavement and preparing the cement-treated sub-base for the roadway.

Street Closure

Mullis Street will be reduced to one lane of traffic for vehicles traveling northbound only.

The southbound traffic between Spring Street and 818 Mullis Street (near propane company) will remain closed for approximately 2 weeks until the task is completed. Currently, the project manager anticipates the lane being reopened on April 16th or sooner. Southbound traffic will be required to seek alternative routes or detour to an access point for local businesses. The Northbound traffic on Mullis will be diverted around the work or stopped entirely when road crossings are performed.

Flaggers are on site. There will be times when the contractor needs the use of both lanes and vehicles may experience short delays while the contractor transitions between sections of the roadway.

Local access will remain open at all times. Pedestrian access will not be interrupted. No parking will be permitted in the project area during this phase of construction.


The detour route will remain in effect for the duration of the project. The public is reminded that the detour route is considered part of the project zone. Three detours have been established:

• Argyle Avenue to Spring Street. Northbound vehicles entering town may use this detour if they wish to bypass the construction zone.

• Market Street to Nash Street. All vehicles wishing to access businesses from Spring Street will be required to do so traveling Northbound.

• Spring Street to Marguerite Place and/or Price Street. There will be delays at the Spring Street and Mullis Street intersection. Vehicles are encouraged to bypass work by seeking alternative routes to the downtown.

For example, drivers wanting to enter Petro SJ from Spring Street should detour to Nash and Market Street to turn northbound. Drivers wanting to enter Bakery SJ from Spring Street should detour on Argyle Avenue to turn northbound. Limited access may be available from Airport Center Road.


Pedestrians and motorists should exercise common sense and caution. Be aware of equipment, construction workers, trucks and construction materials. Make sure you are seen while moving within the job site and abide by flagger instructions. The detour routes are through residential zones with school facilities. Please be cautious.


The speed limit on Mullis Street is 20 mph in the construction zone. Penalties automatically double for traffic violations in construction zones. A ticket for traveling 25 mph in the posted 20 mph construction zone will carry a penalty of $250.

Although the speed limit on Spring Street and the detour routes remain posted at 25 mph, the public is encouraged to reduce speed to 20 mph for safety reasons.

Work Hours

The constructor is authorized to work from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.