Mullis Center election results are in

by Gretchen M. Krampf, MSOD, PCC

Mullis Community Senior Center Communications Coordinator

The past weeks and months have proven that seniors on San Juan Island care deeply about the Mullis Community Senior Center.

There were a total of 914 valid ballots cast for the district committee election. After a rigorous process, with a thorough and inclusive discernment of the votes cast, and the count completed and documented by Steve Hushebeck, Dave Zeretzke, Mike and Patti Gallagher, Jeanie Fodor, Rene Polda, Janet Thomas, Randell Keller and Cynthia, the results are as follows:

Elected to a three-year term

(* indicates incumbent)

Clayton Banry – 670 votes

*Beth Helstein – 607 votes

*Dennis Busse – 590 votes

*Marty Huleatte – 585 votes

*Patty Brightman – 583 votes

Elected to a two-year term

Nancy DeVaux – 578 votes

Stephen Shubert* – 569 votes

Susan Mazzarella – 566 votes

Alice Deane – 561 votes

Nancy Geist* – 554 votes

Elected to a one-year term

Linda Chowdry – 449 votes

Patty Garcia – 427 votes

Laura Jo Severson – 426 votes

Nadine Sullivan – 412 votes

David Bayley – 393 votes

Congratulations to our newly elected district committee. The committee will meet next week for a Zoom Retreat and its November meeting is scheduled for Nov. 30 at 10 a.m.

Thank you to all our candidates. We look forward to continuing the good work of the Mullis Community Senior Center and welcome you to join us.