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Michael Hall and a favorite friend

Michael Hall and a favorite friend

July 23, 1953 — July 4, 2011

Michael was born in Jacksonville, Florida, but grew up in Minnesota. He joined the Navy with the expectation of seeking adventure on the high seas and in exotic ports around the world.

He spent one week at sea in U.S. waters, and that was the extent of his adventures with the Navy.

Michael was extremely smart and excelled in engineering, computers and anything electronic.   He was always experimenting with different devices and making new items. He was constantly upgrading stereo, television, and computer equipment. He had several inventions that were patented and are still in use today.

Michael had a passion for music.

His collection of CDs was eclectic and vast. He loved movies and enjoyed going to our local movie theatre. He had a large collection of DVDs. In his life, an excellent entertainment center was mandatory.

Michael moved to Friday Harbor in 1996 from Minnesota. The only people he knew here were his mother and her husband. He arrived in a huge Oldsmobile covered in dirt and grime from the long drive.

Michael soon made his way to Rock Island Technology Solutions to sign up for Internet service.

It quickly became apparent to Mike Greene, the owner of Rock Island, that Michael had great knowledge and experience with computer systems. Michael was soon working full time at Rock Island.

He was instrumental in designing and developing many of the services that Rock Island customers and clients use to this day.

Michael was well known at many of our local cafés since he went out to eat breakfast every day. He was easy to spot due to his severely curved spine (a type of painful rheumatoid arthritis) and the presence of his blue and gold macaw, Cosmo, on his arm.

Michael was very modest about his accomplishments. He was a caring and giving person.

Mike Greene is correct in saying that Michael was a real gem. Ron Hall, Michael’s brother, stated that Friday Harbor was the place where Michael was accepted, respected and loved for the special man he was.

He will be greatly missed by his Rock Island family, his clients, his animal family at F.H. Pet Supplies, his friends whom he played trivia with, and all the people in our community who knew Michael.

Michael is survived by his brother, Ron Hall, who resides in Minnesota, plus three birds and one cat.

Anyone wishing to give a donation in Michael Hall’s name may do so at our local animal shelter.

— Friends of Michael Hall