Melendez-Lopez charged with burglary and assault

Humberto Melendez-Lopez, 41, of San Juan Island, has been charged with residential burglary and assault – violation of a protection/no contact order. His arraignment is scheduled for Monday, July 29 at 9:30 a.m. in San Juan County Superior Court.

On July 13, deputies were dispatched to a Roche Harbor residence at 9:22 p.m. regarding a screaming woman. They arrived to find the front door open and what appeared to be pieces of a dinner plate on the floor in the living room. The victim, who was crying and had a large scratch on her chest and a ripped shirt, came to the door but was unable to communicate effectively with deputies as she primarily spoke Spanish. A translator was contacted through a language line, and the victim was able to convey that Melendez-Lopez, her ex-boyfriend, allegedly entered her home through a window in May, violating a domestic violence order that had been in place since April. He brought flowers and professed his love. He began living in the home because “he did not have anywhere else to stay.”

On July 13, the victim’s daughter said she heard Melendez-Lopez was seeing other women. When the victim confronted him, he allegedly pushed her, then grabbed her by the shirt and threw her to the ground, causing the shirt to rip and scratching her chest. He also allegedly threw a plate to the floor. Melendez-Lopez then drove away with his children in the car. Deputies later located him at a Friday Harbor hotel.

According to the determination for probable cause, the victim was scared for her and her son’s life as over the past few months, Melendez-Lopez stated he has “family that is willing to kill” and showed her text messages on his phone from relatives who have been in prison that mention dealing drugs. He also allegedly said he has family members who are “in a drug cartel” and “willing to kill.”

Melendez-Lopez’s criminal history includes assault in the fourth degree.