Man charged with two counts of assault and resisting arrest

Jesse L. Goncalves, 29, of Friday Harbor, has been charged with assault in the fourth degree, assault in the third degree for violence against an officer on duty and resisting arrest.

At around 6 p.m. on Dec. 30, a deputy at the American Legion called the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office with a complaint of a disorderly person. According to the deputy’s report, the bartender said that Goncalves had to be “escorted out because of his crazy behavior.”

Deputies learned that Goncalves had allegedly been sneaking past security into the private club by entering in with a group of members.

Once inside, the bartender told deputies that Goncalves went behind the bar and started banging together metal cocktail shakers. After being escorted from the bar, the bartender reported that Goncalves drew a Nazi Swastika on his hand and sat at a table. It was observed that Goncalves appeared to be intoxicated, had dilated pupils and was mumbling incoherently. According to the deputy’s report, when another man at the legion approached Goncalves to introduce himself, Goncalves responded by saying, “Do you want some donuts?” and violently punched the man.

At this point legion members escorted Gonclaves outside. The bartenders recalled Goncalves pretending to have an invisible machine gun and fired off rounds with his hand as he exited the building.

At 6:45 p.m. deputies received a call that a male was kicking a power box near M&W Auto. Goncalves was located shortly after, walking along Spring Street. According to documents, when the deputy pulled up to him, Gonclaves extended his middle finger and was then placed in handcuffs.

When a second deputy came onto the scene, his report states that Goncalves threatened to “crush bones.” As he was being helped into the car, Goncalves kicked one of the deputies in the knee. The deputy reported that the suspect tried to kick him a second time, but missed and instead spit in the face of the other deputy.

The state has set bail at the amount of $50,000.