Lower Spring Street open to one-way traffic. New stop signs at top of ferry lanes.

Submitted by Town of Friday Harbor.

Significant traffic revisions are in place on Spring Street, Front Street, Granny’s Way, and the intersection of First Street, A Street, and Granny’s Way at the top of the ferry lanes. Drivers are advised to watch for new traffic signage and proceed with extreme caution through this area. This traffic revision will remain in place for several weeks until debris has been cleared from the Spring Street fire site.

Lower Spring Street between First and Front Streets is now open to downhill traffic only. One-way traffic continues along Front Street to the ferry lanes and up Granny’s Way. Two-way traffic is no longer permitted on this section of Front Street and Granny’s Way. Parking for transit buses is on the east side of Granny’s Way. Traffic turning left at the bottom of Spring Street must circle behind Memorial Park.

New stop signs have been installed on First Street in both directions at the intersection with A Street at the top of the ferry lanes. Traffic coming up Granny’s Way has the right-of-way at this intersection.

Questions on this traffic revision may be directed to the Town Administrator at (360) 378-2810 or dkulseth@fridayharbor.org.