Lopezian charged with drug possession

Lopezian charged with drug possession

On May 10, John Gardener Fox, 46, of Lopez, was arrested for assault regarding a domestic disturbance that occurred on May 8 on Lopez Island. During that arrest, an officer found drugs on Fox.

The domestic violence case was filed in district court and is still pending.

Fox is currently charged with one count of possession of a controlled substance that is a narcotic. Fox’s arraignment is set for Aug. 18 in San Juan Superior Court.

According to the San Juan County Sheriff’s deputy report, after his arrest, Fox requested “amnesty” because he allegedly had drugs on his person. In this case amnesty would not help the accused as it refers to pardoning people who have been convicted of political offenses. When Fox was booked into jail, an officer found a small bag containing white crystals. According to the deputy, Fox stated they were sea salt.

The crystals were given a presumptive field test and showed positive for amphetamines, according to court documents. Later, a Washington State Patrol laboratory identified the substance as containing 0.3 grams of methamphetamine.

Fox’s criminal record includes reckless driving, possession of a controlled substance, battery, driving under the influence, and obstructing a public officer.