Judge imposes state’s recommendations in Hunter sentencing

Sean Michael Hunter, 24, was sentenced in San Juan County Superior Court on Feb. 25, to nearly 17 years of imprisonment for rape and assault.

Hunter, also known as Sunshine and Sean Marley, is a transient without a permanent residence. He pleaded guilty to two counts of rape in the third degree, a class C non-violent felony; one count of rape of a child in the second degree, a class A violent felony; and one count of assault in the third degree with sexual motivation, a non-violent sex offense. In October 2018, he pleaded not guilty but ultimately changed his plea.

As part of the plea deal, the “with sexual motivation” was dropped from the assault charge. Originally charged in three cases for a total of six counts for five separate acts, he pleaded guilty under two cases for four accounts with three victims.

Hunter will serve 200 months for the rape of a child in the second degree; 60 months for the rape of a child in the third-degree charges; and 12 months for assault in the third degree. His sentencing will be served concurrently. He will also be subject to a no-contact order with no expiration date for each victim.


On Sept. 13, 2018, a woman told a San Juan County Sheriff’s deputy that on Sept. 12, Hunter sexually assaulted her at Sunken Park in Friday Harbor. The victim initially tried to stop him, but when he became physically aggressive, she told the deputy that she was in shock and too frightened to speak.

A 14-year-old victim reported that she, too, was abused by Hunter the same day as the woman who had reported earlier. The victim said Hunter gave her alcohol and when she was intoxicated he sexually assaulted her.

On Sept. 15, a San Juan County Sheriff’s detective waited at the Friday Harbor ferry terminal because he heard that Hunter would be on the 2 p.m. sailing. The detective wanted to interview him about the report from the woman. While waiting, the detective was approached by another woman who said her 13-year-old sister was sexually assaulted by Hunter. The suspect never appeared on the boat.

On Sept. 16, the detective met with the 13-year-old and her sister. The girl reported that on Aug. 21, she went to Hunter’s campsite near the upper Port of Friday Harbor parking lot behind a yellow trailer.

The victim told the detective that Hunter gave her alcohol and marijuana. After drinking three beers, the girl reported that she told Hunter she didn’t want anymore, but Hunter pressured her to continue drinking.

The victim then stated that when she decided to go to sleep, Hunter began touching her inappropriately. She told the detective that she told Hunter to stop, as she felt very drunk. According to the detective’s report, she “gave into Hunter’s advances, as she was unable to get up and leave due to her high level of intoxication.” Then Hunter and the victim had sexual intercourse. The girl was 12 at the time of the alleged sexual assault.

The girl did not tell anyone of the incident until two weeks later when she confided in her sister. Several weeks prior to the alleged assault, the girl told Hunter her age, according to court documents.

Two friends of the victim confirmed to the detective that they were present when she told Hunter how old she was. One of her friends told the detective that Hunter later said he might have made a mistake and thought he had sex with the victim.

Hunter was arrested on warrants in Medford, Oregon, on Sept. 28.

His previous criminal history includes possession of drug paraphernalia, engaging in lewd conduct and battery, all in Las Vegas, Nevada.