John Joel Buck: Jan. 8, 1980 – Aug. 13, 2013 | Passages

John Buck: 1980—2013

John was born Jan. 8, 1980, on a quiet beautiful snowy morning to Sam and Jane Buck in Mount Vernon, Wash, and he departed Aug. 13, 2013, on a very calm morning, sitting on a beach with a heavenly view, just after a beautiful sunrise.

Before John turned six years old, he had lived on Orcas Island, in Seattle, and these California locations; San Rafael, Calistoga, Rancho Sierra, Murrieta Hot Springs, as well as New Zealand.

While on the ferry traveling to Steve and Laurie’s wedding, 7-year-old John, said, “Can we live here?”, and shortly thereafter we were islanders again.

John graduated from Friday Harbor High School in 1998 after six seasons of football, his favorite sport.

He went with a local group of volunteers to help islanders off the coast of Honduras recover from a devastating hurricane. John passed the rigorous “ski patrol” classes at Mount Baker, where he worked for a season and moved to Colorado to live the ski patrol life, where he met and fell in love with Laura Bell from New Zealand.

She was on a trip around the world with her cousin, and when they left for England, heart-broken John just had to follow, where they worked together in a pub. They eventually returned to the mountains of Utah, married, and returned to make Friday Harbor their home, where they home-birthed their two beautiful children, Indigo Rose Aurora Buck (9), and Solomon Sealth Buck (7) — 5th generation islanders.

John really appreciated being able to learn how to work with stone from Dave Koch, and construction from Peter Kilpatrick, and he really enjoyed their crews.

John was an artist at heart and felt the need to express that artistic freedom as can only be done when one is working directly with the client. He started Island Custom Stone & Woodworks. He loved sharing and developing his ideas and his clients really appreciated his touch.

John’s love of community, creative drive and collaboration with his grandfather led to development of “The Knoll”. It became a place for all to gather for music, dance, good home-made beer and delicious home-made pizza from the cob ovens that he, and those close to him, created. He overcame his shy nature enough to play the “washtub bass” with two dear friends in their newly formed band.

He was a loving husband, dad and cook. He loved thinking up creative “to do” ideas, making beautiful things out of nature. John loved skiing, Tuesday night poker, Frisbee golf, music, music, music, good vegetarian food, concerts, and music festivals. Did we mention music and more music!

He was loved and respected by his co-workers, employers and he had sooooo many friends.

John is survived by his wife, Laura, children; Indigo and Solomon, parents; Sam and Jane, brother, Charlie, grandparents; Sam and Barbara Buck, seven aunts and uncles, and many loving cousins and friends.

A fund has been set up for any who would like to contribute to benefit their children.

— Family of John Buck