Jet noise to climb during scheduled runway maintenance

Islanders will hear more jet noise, more often, if scheduled runway maintenance at Ault Field on Naval Air Station Whidbey happens as planned.

It’s scheduled for the last week of May and second week of June.

NAS Whidbey announced in a press release that “routine repairs to remove rubber and repaint runway markings” will close one of the two Ault Field runways from May 31 to June 6, and the other from June 7-13. The Navy says the June 7 to June 13 closure may affect Lopez Island and the San Juans more than the earlier closure, but that the level of jet noise will depend on wind direction and takeoff and landing patterns on particular days.

The NAS Whidbey Island public affairs office has established a new comment line and email address for complaints and concerns; (360) 257-6665. Comments can also be e-mailed to

After local public officials were told during a recent visit to NAS Whidbey that naval base authorities were unaware that islanders had experienced noise problems, the Town of Friday Harbor and San Juan County are in the process of implementing a website for registering noise complaints. Until the website goes online, contact the town at 378-2810, or the County Council at 378-2898 with time, date and location of noise problems.