Henley announces re-election bid | Election

Election 2014

Before Mylene Henley became San Juan County Auditor in 2007, county finances were strong and the county budget was growing. She had every reason to believe revenue growth would continue

In April of her second year, she had to tell the County Council to reduce the county budget by $1 million—immediately. Since then, Henley has seen “nothin’ but trouble,” overseeing a county budget that is still below 2007 levels while demands for county services increase. Plus, she’s dealing with elections lawsuits, high demand for vehicle and watercraft licensing and document recording, and workforce reductions that have cut deeply into the county’s ability to respond to the varied demands for services.

Mylene HenleyHer office is still challenged by outdated licensing systems and poor vendor performance that left piles of recorded documents unscanned and unindexed, but her enthusiasm for her job is undeterred.

“I enjoy my job,” she says. “I enjoy representing you, the people, in the management of your money.” She must even enjoy campaigning, because she’s just announced that she’s running once again for a third four-year term as Auditor.

Henley, a Texan and 20-year resident of San Juan County, is an accountant by training and profession, with degrees from Harvard and Stanford.

Henley announced on Feb. 14 that she will file for reelection when candidate filing opens in May for the Aug. 6 primary and Nov. 5 general elections.

She maintains a positive attitude about dealing with the voters, whether on the campaign trail or in her office. “I enjoy receiving phone calls from citizens with questions, whether the question is within my area of responsibility or not.”

Voters responded to her positive attitude in 2006, giving her 68 percent of the vote against Greg Hertel, now a Friday Harbor Port Commissioner. In 2010, she was unopposed.

No candidate has announced to challenge her reelection.