Friday Harbor’s new postmaster has 28 years of experience

Dan Flemming is the new  postmaster of Friday Harbor.

Dan Flemming is the new postmaster of Friday Harbor.

Daniel Flemming, 48, is the new postmaster of Friday Harbor.

He succeeds Chuck Tveter.

Flemming brings 28 years of experience with him, working his way up from a variety of different jobs.

“My first job with the postal service was as a letter sorting machine operator,” he said.

Since then, he’s worked at various times as a clerk, a letter carrier, a window clerk working with the public, a supervisor and postmaster.

Flemming held the postmaster position at his most recent posting in Newport, Washington, north of his native Spokane, on the Washington / Idaho border.

“I have every intention of making this my home,” Flemming said, noting that the previous postmaster commuted to the mainland each day.

Flemming moved to the western side of the state to be closer to his grown children who live in the Seattle/Tacoma area.

As postmaster, Flemming oversees the daily operations of the island’s mail, which has seen significant growth in recent years. He supervises 10 clerks, seven rural carriers and a maintenance worker.

He describes himself as something of a workaholic, spending a lot of time at the office. When he’s not working, he enjoys gardening — and don’t be surprised to find him out in front of the post office occasionally, in his white shirt and tie with a rake in his hand.

“I do enjoy it,” he said.