Friday Harbor woman hits patrol car, charged with vehicular assault

Jessica Lynne Whitis, 25, of Friday Harbor, is charged with: vehicular assault; assault in the third degree; two counts of reckless endangerment; violating a no-contact/protect order for domestic violence; driving under the influence ;and resisting arrest. Her arraignment is set for Sept. 2 in San Juan Superior Court.

Bail is set at $10,000.

On Aug. 16, a deputy responded to an area check on a home in Friday Harbor. According to the probable cause documents, neighbors reported that a male was walking on the shore of their properties and they wanted him to stop. When the deputy and a detective arrived, they discovered the male and a female subject Jessica Whitis. They were also both found to be in violation of dual restraining orders. While the deputy attempted to take Whitis into custody, the subject got into her van and yelled, “You are going to hell because of how you treat people.”

The deputy recalled that Whitis also yelled, “Don’t come near my car.”

Meanwhile, the male subject was taken into custody without incident.

Then Whitis exited her van and began recording the deputy and the detective with a mobile device.

The deputy attempted again to place Whitis under arrest, according to the probable cause documents. The deputy recorded that Whitis “took off running and continued to scream hysterically.” The detective then took hold of Whitis’ left hand, but, according to the deputy, she pulled away and kept running.

She was described as barefoot, wearing a T-shirt, bikini bottoms and a court-ordered electronic ankle bracelet monitoring her alcohol intake.

Two witnesses drove by the area and reported that Whitis was screaming about “entrapment and being beaten by the deputy.”

According to the deputy’s report, Whitis returned and climbed back into her van. She was again advised that she was under arrest. The detective attempted to block her from leaving with his vehicle but was unsuccessful. Another deputy arrived on the scene in his patrol car.

According to the probable cause documents, Whitis collided into the front passenger side of the patrol vehicle causing significant damage to both cars. Then Whitis jumped out of her van and was pursued on foot by the two deputies until she was caught and placed under arrest.

In the back of the patrol car, Whitis allegedly said, “I’m mentally ill. I need to be evaluated.”

Whitis was taken to the emergency room at Peace Island Medical Center where the doctor allegedly told the deputy that he suspected the subject was under the influence of alcohol. The deputy recorded that Whitis went from crying to laughing to sleeping. The deputy wrote that she suspected the subject may have been using prescription medication called Seroquel.

The deputy then obtained a search warrant for a blood sample and blood was drawn from Whitis, who at this time described as “unconscious.”

The deputy who was involved in the collision received treatment for his injury – aggravation of a prior shoulder injury and was placed on light duty in the aftermath of the incident.

Whitis’ prior criminal record includes driving under the influence in 2014.