Friday Harbor Schools salute veterans

Friday Harbor Schools salute veterans

The Friday Harbor High School band was already playing as students filed into the Turnbull gym for the Veterans Day assembly.

“If there is one thing you could do on Monday, it would be to reach out to a veteran and just say thank you, thank you for your service,” retired Army Staff Sargent Shannon Plummer said.

Friday, Nov. 7, the Friday Harbor school youths gathered to pay tribute to those who had served in the military.

“I know you guys are excited because you have Monday off, but remember the reason why,” Friday Harbor middle and high school band teacher Cart Nelsen said, asking the students to raise their hand if they have loved ones who are veterans. A majority of the attendees raised their hands affirmatively.

“Almost everyone does know a service member,” Nelsen continued, requesting that the students reflect upon service members and be respectful throughout the day.

The band then played each branch of the military’s signature songs. Most of the nearly dozen veterans in attendance had served in the U.S. Army. The veterans in attendance stood when the song for their branch of military played.

Plummer explained to assembly participants that some veterans may not want to talk about their experiences, therefore if it does feel appropriate, delving deeper isn’t always necessary.

“You don’t have to ask them about their service, just thank them and you will melt an old [veteran’s] heart.”