Friday Harbor man faces charges for theft

Christian Wayne Rogers, 46, of Friday Harbor, is charged with trafficking in stolen property in the first degree and residential burglary. Rogers pleaded not guilty to the charges and his trial is set for June 6, 2016.


On the afternoon of Jan. 14, Rogers, also known as TNT, walked unannounced into a residence on Harrison Street in Friday Harbor. A friend of the homeowner was in the home and knew Rogers because Rogers often did odd jobs for the owners. According to the charging documents, Rogers asked the “friend” when he was leaving the house. Soon after, that person left to catch a ferry and warned the owners of Rogers’ suspicious behavior. When the homeowner returned to the house, they noticed several items were missing, including $230 and vapor cigarette pens.

Two days later on Jan. 16, Rogers allegedly came back to the house and apologized for taking the vapor pens, one of which he returned. As for the cash, the homeowner told deputies that Rogers told her, “I don’t remember. I have a brain tumor and blacked out. I don’t know why I took the money.”

The homeowner told the sheriff’s department that Rogers was given a chance to compensate her for the allegedly stolen money, but he has not done so as of this date.


On Dec. 14, 2015 a deputy responded to a potential theft of a Yamaha generator at the Pear Point OPALCO power substation on San Juan Island. The generator, valued at $1,000, was found missing after an OPALCO employee was alerted that the substation’s gate was open due to a padlock that had been cut. The deputy reported that there were no suspects at the time.

While reporting the Jan. 14 theft, the homeowner mentioned above, told deputies that her husband had purchased a “suspicious” generator from Rogers in early December.


Rogers has an outstanding warrant generated in 2014 for theft in the first degree with a bail of $600 from an incident on Orcas Island in 2005. That case involved the alleged unauthorized use of a gasoline credit card from a past employer.

On Feb. 26, 2016 Rogers was taken into custody for the outstanding warrant. According to the officer’s report, Rogers admitted to stealing items from the Harrison Street residence and that he was sorry. The officer also recorded that Rogers admitted to taking the generator from the Pear Point substation.

Rogers told the officer that he was “a NASCAR race driver in 1999 and drove a race car into a wall at high speed.” The officer wrote that “the accident causes him memory problems and lots of times he does not remember what he does.”