Friday Harbor man charged with theft and forgery

Paul J. Guard, 29, of Friday Harbor, is charged with identity theft and forgery in the second degree.

If convicted of both counts, he could face four to 12 months in jail. According to the San Juan County Prosecutor’s Office, Guard has no bail set because he is currently serving a 12-month-and-one-day prison sentence for residential burglary, which he pled guilty to on March 2.

The victim of the alleged identity theft reported that he received a call from his bank on March 9 asking whether he wrote a $240 check to Guard. According to court documents, the victim said he did not write the check.

The teller told the detective on the case that she compared Guard’s signature to the victim’s and found that they did not match. According to the detective, the victim stated that a similar incident occurred last year. Guard also was living at the victim’s home at the time of the alleged crime, which could have given him access to the checkbook.

His trial is set for June 18, but another hearing is scheduled for the week of March 26 to review the case.