Friday Harbor man charged with burglary

Joshua Daniel Treleven, 37, of Friday Harbor is charged with trafficking in stolen property in the first degree, residential burglary and possession of stolen property in the first degree. His trial is set for Jan. 30, 2017. His bail is set at a $50,000 bond or $5000 cash.

On June 12, the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a break-in at a residence on Argyle Lane in Friday Harbor. The home, which was unoccupied and for sale, had signs of use, according to the real estate agent. A search of the property allegedly revealed that someone had possibly entered through a window and was squatting in the building.

The owners of the home estimated that they had lost $80,000 in the burglary because of missing jewelry and property damage. Outside of the home, officers found a bag, with items belonging to the homeowners. Items were collected for fingerprint examinations.

On June 30, a deputy spoke with the suspect who was at the sheriff’s office awaiting a hearing on an unrelated burglary at Roy’s Coffee Shop. He was charged with stealing a speaker, a blender plunger and a cup of soda.

When asked about the Argyle home burglary, Trevelen allegedly told the deputy that he did not know anything about stolen jewelry and requested an attorney.

According to the deputy’s report once Trevelen was escorted back to his cell he told the officer that he did have information about the incident. The deputy recalled that he reminded Trevelen had requested a lawyer. Trevelen allegedly replied, “Oh well, I guess you will never know.”

Trevelen, was then checked for items on his person and the deputy found several items of jewelry that were later identified by the property owners.

On July 22, Trevelen pleaded guilty to the Roy’s Coffee burglary and was ordered to serve 90 days of confinement and pay $800 in restitution. On July 23, an acquaintance of Trevelen contacted the deputy stating that the suspect had offered her jewelry from a large collection. The acquaintance said she suspected that he was hiding the rest of the jewelry on the property where she lives.

On Oct. 1, the acquaintance’s property owner found a large box of jewelry in the bushes. The items in the box were identified as belonging to the Argyle home owners.

Three days later, the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab matched Trevelen’s fingerprints to one of the items found in a bag outside the Argyle home. On Oct. 7, the deputy found that on the suspect’s Facebook page someone had posted a photo of a bracelet thanking Trevelen for the gift. The bracelet was identified by Argyle homeowners as their property.

Trevelen’s record includes a violation of the uniform controlled substances act, theft in the third degree, driving with a suspended license and reckless driving.