Fatal head-on collision on San Juan

Submitted by the San Juan County Sheriff’s office.

At approximately 5:15 p.m. on May 31, a grey Subaru was traveling into town from the west end of San Juan Island when the car veered into the oncoming lane at Beaverton Valley and Lowe Lane and struck a jeep traveling the opposite direction in the westbound lane.

The driver, identified as Friday Harbor resident Vida Wight, was pronounced deceased on the scene while the driver of the Jeep was transported to the Peace Island Medical Center with minor injuries. After a preliminary investigation, it is believed that speed and distracted driving played a major part in the cause of the accident. The road remained closed while law enforcement crash reconstruction investigated the crash scene.

San Juan Island Fire and Rescue said it appreciates the help of the citizens who were nearby and helped provide assistance in calling 911, helping to control traffic until emergency vehicles arrived, and until all units cleared the scene.