Eastsounder accused of breaking into ex’s home, assaulting officer

Aurora Elaine Turner of Eastsound has been charged with residential burglary and assault in the third degree.

Turner, 32, is accused of breaking into her ex-husband’s home and assaulting a law enforcement officer. She pleaded not guilty during arraignment on Dec. 30. Turner is represented by Colleen Kenimond of Mount Vernon. An omnibus hearing is scheduled for Feb. 3, a readiness hearing is on March 10 and a trial is slated for March 27. The San Juan County Prosecutor’s Office is not requesting bail or a no-contact order.

On Dec. 17, Turner allegedly entered the Eastsound premises of her ex-husband by opening an unsecured door. Once inside, she allegedly took a knife from the kitchen and tried to pry open the master bedroom door to get to her ex-husband and son, who were on the other side. She broke the door frame but was unable to gain access. Turner then laid down on the living room couch, which is where deputies found her upon their arrival.

According to the probable cause report, her ex-husband feared for his and their son’s safety since Turner was “intoxicated and was using knives to get to them.” He also told deputies that Turner is a “sweet person when she is sober, but is crazy when she is drinking.” The former couple have separate residences and share custody of their son.

Deputies placed Turner in handcuffs, read her Miranda Rights and drove her to the ferry landing for transport via the sheriff boat. During the drive, she was able to move her hands from behind her back to the front. While walking to the boat, with a deputy on each side, she pulled away and kneed one of the officers in the groin.

Turner’s previous convictions include driving under the influence in Mason County, Washington.