Dying wish comes true

Friday Harbor resident Kathleen Zuidema’s dying wish will come true, she has found a home for her three Aussies.

After battling cancer for about a year and a half, doctors told her that treatments will only extend her life for a short time, leaving her pack without an owner.

Neighbors and longtime islanders Danielle and Thaddeus Cochran have stepped up to be the new parents to what Zuidema calls the Aussie Posse.

The Cochrans responded to a request that went viral after Zuidema posted on Facebook about her situation. So far her post has been shared more than 31,000 times.

She asked that all three, Autumn Moon, 11, Moka Luka, 4, and Finnegan, 4, be adopted into a home with a fenced yard where there is plenty of room to run and play. The ideal person would walk them on a daily basis, cuddle them on the bed and invite them up on the couch like any other family member.

Danielle has two dogs already, but said in a Q13 Fox news report that she is confident that all the dogs will blend together

“I’m glad this has a happy ending considering the circumstances,” said Danielle to Fox reporters.

Friday Harbor Pet Supplies has agreed to help with dog food and will take donations from islanders.

For Zuidema, she has a few words to describe the Cochrans: “Wonderful people.”