Bus stop bungle, goats gone wild and pick up plate switcheroo | Sheriff’s Log

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls:

March 8

• A deputy was dispatched to a possible hit-and-run due to an unattended vehicle in Friday Harbor. The driver was cited for negligent driving in the second degree.

• A deputy was dispatched to a Friday Harbor collision resulting in an unknown injury . The driver was cited for driving with a suspended license in the third degree.

• A Lopez woman reported a suspicious vehicle driving past her residence multiple times over two hours. The vehicle was gone when she made the call.

March 9

• A deputy responded to a report of someone throwing sticks at passing vehicles on Orcas and it was investigated.

• A deputy responded to the Lopez ferry terminal in response to a hit-and-run complaint. The suspect was not aware he damaged the victim’s unoccupied vehicle. The vehicle owners exchanged information and a report was completed.

• A Lopez deputy was dispatched to a report of a school bus stop sign violation. The driver was cited for failure to stop.

• A deputy was dispatched to a chimney fire on San Juan. The fire department ensured the fire was out and the deputy settled a dispute between roommates.

March 10

• A San Juan deputy was contacted in reference to a fraudulent job advertisement. The investigation continues.

• An Orcas pedestrian reported a subject driving aggressively. The investigation is ongoing.

• A deputy was dispatched to shoplifting in the Friday Harbor area. The victim provided security camera footage of the crime. The investigation is ongoing.

• A deputy was dispatched to a domestic situation in the San Juan area. The incident was found to be verbal, not physical, and involved parties agreed to separate.

• A San Juan resident reported someone used his information to file a fraudulent tax return. The victim filed a report and was given an identity theft packet to discuss with banks and credit companies.

• A Friday Harbor juvenile was taken into custody for consuming alcohol.

March 11

• A Lopez deputy was sent to handle a goat reportedly running on Mud Bay Road. The goat was gone on arrival and the likely owner was identified.

• San Juan County Sheriff’s Office received $82 in found cash, comprised of a $50 bill, $20 bill, $10 bill and two $1 bills.

• Deputies took a man, who was acting strangely, to PeaceHealth for a mental health evaluation after he made threats to the public.

March 12

• A Lopez deputy noticed an open door to an unoccupied residence. Nothing appeared amiss and no further action was taken.

• A Lopez deputy was dispatched for reported tire damage. The subject was cited and charges were filed.

March 13

• A deputy responded to a reported theft from a construction site on Orcas, where several tools were found missing. The investigation is ongoing.

• A deputy responded to an unruly patron at an Orcas post office. The post master requested the subject be removed. The subject was contacted and ordered not to return.

• A deputy responding to a littering report, found several dozen empty plastic vodka bottles were found on an Orcas Island resident’s property. Currently, it’s unknown who dumped the bottles.

March 14

• Parents reported their juvenile son had run away from home over discipline issues. A runaway form was filed and deputies searched for the youth without success. Deputies will continue to watch for him.

• A Lopez Island deputy was sent to investigate vandalism to a vehicle parked at the victim’s residence. The incident is under investigation.

• A Lopez visitor found a set of keys at a park and turned them in to a deputy.

• A Lopez Islander discovered his rear license plate had been stolen and another plate was left in its place. A check revealed it had been reported as stolen in Seattle. The stolen plate was recovered by the deputy.

• A deputy was dispatched to the report of an unwanted person at a business in the Friday Harbor area and the person was removed.