Psychic Readings Online – Best Psychic Readers For Free by Phone or Chat In 2022

It is all right to seek guidance from psychic readings online services during difficult circumstances. What’s more, people have begun to see the bright side of psychic readings.

You might face problems with your career, love life, or even your future. The greatest psychics in the psychic reading business can provide you with knowledge and inspiration to make good decisions. A psychic reading may help you better understand your thoughts or present you with a perspective you hadn’t considered before. It can even assist you in making essential modifications when you face challenges.

Based on our conditions, our cognitive processes and psychology can enlighten things. That is why many individuals seek the advice of free psychic readings to help them make the best decisions and choices in these instances. It is because they assist us in realizing the ideal solutions to our perplexing questions.

The best psychics, psychic readers, and psychic professionals can tell us whatever we’re thinking about or what’s giving us so much stress that we can’t see well.

It is a well-known fact that no one can predict what will occur in the future. On the other hand, the best psychics can give you a heads-up on what to expect by foreseeing things based on several personal, logical, and cosmic elements.

We usually feel overwhelmed while making life-changing decisions, and merely considering all the alternatives may be exhausting. When you are unsure about the future, online psychic readings could be a great help for you. They can provide you with clarity of mind when you cannot find useful options for a specific activity.

Browse through the four psychic platforms hereunder, all of which provide accurate psychic readings, free minutes, and low rates.

The Best Online Psychic Readings Sites Of 2022: First Look


  • Offers first free three minutes.
  • 70% off on introductory deals for the newbies.
  • User-friendly and easy to use.

Psychic Source

  • A low rate of only $1 per minute.
  • Several readings are available.
  • You face no complications while operating the website.


  • 5-minute free reading.
  • Great personalized tarot reading experience.
  • Communication via phone, chat, and video

California Psychics

  • You can choose from diverse options.
  • Affordable.
  • Provides a twenty-four-seven service.

Do you find yourself amid a major problem? You may even believe you have no idea how to get out of it. On the other hand, you may believe that your current life path was not intended for you. If any of this rings true for you, internet psychic readings may be just what you need. It’s likely that you’re drawn to a particularly extreme option but are unsure if it’s the best one. Online psychic readings will certainly assist you in this regard.

People can avail their psychic readings by phone, chat psychics, or live psychics. It is more helpful because they are in a casual setting, where they won’t worry about someone hearing their secrets. They can let go of their inhibitions in their home.

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Regardless of the medium, there will be two people only – you and your psychic reader – having a conversation. And all details of the conversation will be kept private. Whether you choose a simple website or the top online psychics on the internet, this veil of anonymity is ensured.

If you’re a newcomer, the promise of privacy makes the initial session much more relaxing and comfortable. What makes it even better is you won’t have to leave the comfort and natural surroundings of your house. These considerations are especially critical for in-depth readings that provide inspiration and motivation.

A Thorough Review

#1. Kasamba: The Most Trusted Platform for Online Psychic Readings


Kasamba Psychics has been in business for over two decades and has earned a reputation for accuracy and ease of use. It has focused its time and effort on easing preconceptions about the psychic reading community and disseminating the notion of contacting psychics for help with amazing customer incentives.

Kasamba reviews have always been highly positive. They have helped this psychic reading portal stay on the top constantly. It is also due to tailor-made daily horoscopes, veteran professional psychics, and a money-back guarantee offer.


  • Kasamba’s promotional offers are another appealing aspect. The Kasamba promotional code entitles all newly registered customers to three free minutes of chat with their favorite psychic reading. Consumers can use the time frame to acquire answers from Kasamba phone psychics. It also helps people with the initial push to improve their lives with psychic assistance.
  • Kasamba also offers a 70% discount on a new user’s first reading. So, even if they have a not-so-up-to-the-mark encounter with a psychic, they will not feel deceived and will continue to hunt for a more suitable one.
  • On the Kasamba website, contacting online psychics is easy, especially because the specialists chosen are self-employed and accomplished psychics able to serve a global clientele.
  • When the three free minutes of readings are over, and the user is satisfied with the results, they can choose to prolong and continue their Kasamba session. Suppose you have a limited budget and have picked a psychic reader with many years of experience in the field and a higher per-minute cost. In that case, it is a good idea for individuals to keep an eye on their watch while speaking with the psychic.
  • A person might be uncomfortable making a phone call. Or, if you believe making a phone call is unexpected, or it will take up much of your three free minutes, you can always consult Kasamba love psychics through text. Understandably, many people suffering from social anxiety and sadness due to the recent pandemic would choose to communicate via text rather than in person or over the phone.
  • If text messages are too intrusive, you can complete the session by email, provided you outline your issue in detail and ask for the assistance you require. Kasamba works hard to answer each email with honesty and as much dedication as possible. Therefore, if a user merely sends in a vague piece of text, the reply may not be enough for an accurate reading.

The typical fee for each session of Kasamba love psychics ranges from $1.99 to over twenty dollars. It depends on how popular a given reader is, how many years of experience they have, what equipment they use, and what specializations they offer. On Kasamba, it’s easy to detect a popular psychic because the website’s dashboard prioritizes the highest-rated psychics, as well as those with a proven track record and various abilities.

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Astrology and horoscope reading is the most prominent aspects for which the Kasamba psychics have received much praise. People in the past commonly depended on the analysis of stars, planets, and other celestial bodies to understand their destiny. Nowadays, many people are skeptical about astrology; however, astrologists at Kasamba have contributed to making it more trustworthy and mainstream. Kasamba horoscope is a significant moment in the psychic community’s journey. It helped them do away with misconceptions about horoscope readings. And they made it possible through precise predictions and in-depth study.

Main Features

  • This company has been providing internet psychic readings since 1999.
  • Accurate psychic readers are available due to many years of experience.
  • You can avail yourself of psychic readings via email or internet chat.
  • Each psychic reader has a profile page where you may discover more about their abilities.
  • Feedback from previous customers gives you an insight into their abilities.
  • Every session includes a free psychic reading for the first three minutes.
  • New members get a 70% discount.
  • One free question from Kasamba psychic advisors.

People no longer bother themselves about their eternal fate, thanks to the expert psychic readings provided by Kasamba Psychics. All these readings are uncharted territory, and if a person dares to see beyond them, they can have it all. No matter what assistance people seek, they will undoubtedly find it at Kasamba Psychics.

It might not always be easy to spot an accurate psychic reading service provider. Don’t get confused and refer to the services provided by Kasamba.

⇒ Visit the official website of Kasamba

#2. Psychic Source: Known for Providing the Most Accurate Love Reading


One of the top internet psychics for accurate love readings and relationship insights is Psychic Source. Psychic Source, founded in 1989, is one of the world’s oldest and most trustworthy psychic websites, with thousands of 5-star evaluations from happy customers.

Over 250 highly skilled psychic experts work for Psychic Source, hailing from diverse professions. They offer several psychic reading services, such as love readings, tarot card reading, dream interpretation, astrology, energy healing, and more.

In its initial stage, Psychic Source worked as a psychic hotline providing phone readings. As time passed, the industry began to offer internet chat and live video readings.

Psychic Source’s psychic readers specialize as clairvoyants, mediums, tarot card readers, and career psychics, among other things. When surfing the website, you can limit your results by these specialties, other subjects, reading style, and the divination instruments employed for readings, like tarot cards or astrology.

Choosing one from over 250 online psychic readers may be daunting. Psychic Source does away with the issue, utilizing an in-built tool on the website. Are you wondering how they do it? The website displays three experts by recording and assessing your answers to some questions. You can then read each advisor’s profile and schedule an appointment or start your first psychic reading right away. You may even obtain a psychic reading anywhere you are by downloading the Psychic Source app for iOS or Android smartphones.

Psychic Source Offers Numerous Readings

Psychic Source offers several psychic readings, making it an ideal spot for new users to test its psychics’ expertise. The following are some readings available on the site.

Readings with Angel Cards

Connecting with these spiritual guides yields answers. The service is great for concerns about love, family relationships, friendships, and other subjects. This reading is also beneficial when dealing with emotional concerns.

Readings with Tarot Cards

One of the most common psychic readings among internet users is tarot card reading. This reading is not only fascinating but also yields accurate results. At the beginning of your psychic reading session, the psychic expert will understand your problems. Afterward, they will lay the cards and find a solution to your problems while considering the position of the cards.

There is no guide to analyzing tarot cards. Psychics allow their instinctual sense to guide them and devise solutions for you.

Astrology Consultation

Astrology is a psychic reading where celestial bodies such as planets, stars, and asteroids answer users’ queries. It is an excellent tool for resolving income, job, and education problems.


People frequently mix numerology and astrology. But, they are different psychic readings. Numerology uses the user’s date of birth, name, and other numerical information to provide answers. In contrast, astrology uses the positions of the stars. Numerology is an excellent tool for predicting a person’s future, evaluating strengths and weaknesses, and discovering promising areas.

Dream Interpretation

Dreams aren’t always as sweet and happy as some people say. Strange dreams often disorient individuals, no matter how hard they attempt to understand them. Psychic readers can help with dream interpretation and analysis and detect what worries the client.

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How do they interpret your dreams? While some psychics do it by following their gut feeling, others do it through psychic reading tools. Such tools can be crystals, runes, etc. Customers can also get advice on bettering their situation so that strange dreams are no longer a problem.


  • Psychic readings can be done over the phone, via chat, or video.
  • They ask all psychic readers willing to join them to prove trustworthy.
  • All psychic readings come with a guarantee of complete satisfaction.
  • It gives you three free minutes, so you can’t go wrong.

Get the help of Psychic Source to clear out all the confusions you have in mind. You also get psychic readings at the most reasonable prices on this platform.

⇒ Visit the official website of Psychic Source

#3. Mysticsense: Enables You To Choose From Many Psychics


Mystic Sense is not as old as some other internet psychic websites. Yet, it has done an excellent job in bringing together some of the industry’s most experienced psychics under one roof. The platform has gone even further with its user-friendly web interface, the convenience of use, and the capacity to stand out from the crowd.

The platform has snatched up client attention and confidence through efficient approaches, and it is unquestionably one to recommend today.

How Does This Platform Work?

Psychic Source has raised the bar for psychic internet experience. The platform is modern, easy to use, and has everything you wish for on a psychic reading website. The website has a simple registration process, and it enables you to find a psychic with a single click.

Mysticsense stands apart from the crowd by providing better service than its competitors. It also helps you locate psychics in your immediate area.

The Option to Apply Filter

You can apply the filter according to your requirements. The best thing about these filters is mixing and matching to get the finest possible matches. Also, they have various psychic readers offering several psychic readings.


  • They have designed the platform to enable users to find psychic solutions effortlessly.
  • You can apply filters to save time.
  • The readings are available at a low price, making the service reasonable.


  • Psychic Source doesn’t have a mobile application of its own. You can access its services through the website only.

Pricing and Costs

Whether you need a chat psychic reading or a phone psychic reading, Mysticsense makes pricing easier and affordable for you. The website includes straightforward pricing strategies simple to comprehend and use. There are additional promotional incentives available for clients. Suppose you receive a psychic reading for the first time on the website. In that case, you will receive a fantastic discount and inexpensive rates.

Mysticsense has many positive aspects.

Mystic Sense has numerous well-known psychic readers. You can find your ideal psychic using the website’s filtering criteria. It would help you claim a psychic service based on your budget. Free sessions are also available to new users.

The greatest psychic reading paves the path for a brighter future by providing hints. It does not act by your wishes to gain your approval. Instead, it instructs you on what you should know to enhance your life. Countless people have benefited from their in-depth and enlightening psychic reading sessions. When the session is over, they ensure that you can make better decisions and approach life positively.

If you are looking for an online portal providing genuine psychic reading, your wait is over. Login to Mysticsense to get your personalized reading today.

⇒ Visit the official website of Mysticsense

#4. California Psychics : The Best Reviewed Portal for Online Psychic Reading


It is one of the first websites that started providing online psychic readings. California Psychics has provided consumers with excellent psychic readings at the most reasonable prices. This service assures that customers receive accurate and dependable psychic readings via chat and phone.

California Psychics’ psychics assist people in making crucial life decisions by providing them with a complete reading about their past, present, and future. They also provide individuals a clear grasp of their true motivation in life.

They employ numerouspsychic reading instruments, such as crystal balls, tea leaves, and tarot cards to ensure that clients receive detailed psychic readings. They have divided their services into three categories based on cost. The categories range from $1 to $4. The more expensive the reading, the more accurate and dependable it is.


There are several reasons to prefer California Psychics. What we enjoy about them is:

  • Any consumer dissatisfied with California Psychics’ service is entitled to a complete refund.
  • Online psychic readings are interpreted in multiple ways.
  • Karma awards allow people to gain free psychic reading credit points.
  • Special introductory rates for cost-effective readings.
  • Psychic readings are available by phone or live chat.
  • All psychic experts are subjected to a rigorous vetting process on this platform.


Unfortunately, there were several aspects of California Psychics that we did not enjoy. We aim to give you an unbiased California Psychics review, so we’ll point out the areas where this platform may improve its standing:

  • There are no video call options.
  • Only 150 psychic readers are available.
  • Even for free psychic reading trials, you must enter your account information.

Some improvements can lead to a smoother user experience on California Psychics. Nonetheless, it is still one of the greatest online psychic reading platforms.

California Psychics Special Offers

Over the last two decades, California Psychics has been one of the most popular and respected online psychic reading platforms. People may start looking for “psychics near me” on the internet because they desire answers to life’s most challenging decisions. Whether you need readings for your wedding, business dealings, love relationships, you can rely on California Psychics’ skilled psychics. They can also help you if you want to contact a long-lost loved one.

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California Psychics has been at the top of its field for many years, earning a superb reputation in the process. The best thing is that they want to thank consumers for trusting their service and have devised fantastic deals to do so. The following unique incentives are available to first-time visitors to the California Psychics website:

  • All first-time psychic readings receive an 80% discount.
  • For psychic reading communications, you simply pay $1 per minute.

Individuals can use the California Psychics coupon code online to get more discounts in addition to the special offerings. When you get psychic readings from the specialists at California Psychics, the possibilities are unlimited. Please remember that all promotional codes and discounts are valid only for a short time. So, acting without delay is how to get true and accurate psychic readings from experienced and genuine psychics online.

The excellent customer service, which is available any day and time of the year, highlights the company’s commitment to providing a great psychic reading service. As a result, millions of individuals entrust their psychic readings to California Psychics.

If you are confused about which website to trust, feel free to refer to the services provided by California Psychics.

⇒ Visit the official website of California Psychics


1. What should I infer if I see the High Priestess card in my tarot reading?

In a tarot reading, the High Priestess means that now is the moment to trust your intuition and go with your gut feeling. When this major Arcana trump card emerges in your tarot reading, pay attention to your dreams and the signs and symbols the universe tells you.

If you’re a guy, it usually indicates that you will fall in love with a beautiful, sensual woman who may be unattainable. If you’re a woman, the High Priestess foreshadows that many people will want to befriend you.

The High Priestess can imply that you will soon become aware of knowledge or an opportunity beneficial to you in work. For individuals in the arts, the High Priestess tarot card represents a sign of creativity and inspiration. If the High Priestess tarot card occurs in your life, an excellent instructor may be on the way to assist you with your studies. You should be cautious about the people with whom you discuss your finances. Maintain a need-to-know basis for them.

2. Why do some people have different meanings for the same tarot card?

It is dependent on many factors. Some of which is how they learned the art, who taught them, etc. They may even use a different deck than you, such as a Tarot de Marseille. They may be a classic reader, with physical descriptions and distinct traits on all court cards.

So, the meanings can differ when you let the cards or spirit guides show you how to read. Since no one knows how it works on an etheric level, there cannot be one set of rules guiding tarot reading.

3. Can tarot dependency ruin your life?

The overuse of anything is bad; the same goes with the tarot readings. Some people are so addicted to tarot readings that they don’t budge an inch without consulting their tarot cards. If you consult your tarot deck for every small thing in your life, in such a case, it could probably impact your life negatively. But you shouldn’t blame the tarot. It is about you wasting your precious time. It is better to consult tarot readers when things get hard than consulting them on every minor inconvenience.

4. How should I place the tarot cards?

You’ll need to layout the cards after you’ve shuffled your tarot deck. It is where your tarot spread comes into play, and if you’ve chosen one, such as the Soul Journey tarot spread, you’ll place one card in each position.

The next question is how to turn the cards. It is an important question because, while you turn the card, you can retain the original position of the card or flip it.

If you want to add to the drama of flipping one card over at a time, deal the cards face down into a spread. Otherwise, you may turn them over as you deal them out. Observe how you turn them over. You may change the orientation of the cards by flipping them from upright to reversed and vice versa.

To preserve consistency in your readings, choose one manner to turn the cards over and stick to it.

5. Can a person who is not a psychic not do tarot readings?

Not in the least. However, if you don’t consider yourself a psychic, you can practice doing it and understand it.

Tarot is a divination system that uses divine meanings, symbolism, and visuals to read the cards. You can do it without being a psychic or experiencing any psychic phenomenon — the answer is always in the cards in front of you.

Learning how to use tarot can assist in bringing out your psychic abilities. Also, some books and courses can help you become a psychic.

6. Can I read the tarot for myself?

Yes! You’ll need a tarot deck, a tarot spread, a diary, plenty of honesty, and a question to investigate. Begin by focusing on a specific but not too deep question about which you are well aware and for which you are not looking for an answer. Since you will already be familiar with the issue, examining it is the greatest place to start.

Once you’ve understood how to read tarot cards, you can add more cards and modify your questions. It can help reflect on topics you don’t know, such as prior historical events or inquiries about your ancestors or other people related to you.

7. What is meant by an intuitive tarot reading?

Some tarot experts recommend tossing out the small white book that comes with your new tarot deck and letting the images speak for themselves. Being intuitive includes all senses, and by not attempting to become perfect by memorizing tarot card meanings, you allow your intuitions to work.

While this is not an intellectual technique, such as memorizing the card meanings, it does allow you to connect with the cards and, if you’re reading for someone else, with them as well. This practice is beneficial because it aids in developing your psychic self.

Intuitive tarot reading is your energy joining or merging with another and allowing them to share their tale with you. Even scientists have begun to learn the art.

The most effective method is to practice. Layout some cards and describe what you see. Don’t have any preconceived notions about what you should say, and don’t try to be correct in your interpretations; go with the flow.

8. Do I need to know astrology, numerology, qabalah, and other things to do psychic readings?

No, you do not! You can pick up a tarot deck, understand the standard meanings for the cards, and become an expert at it in no time. You can, then, expand your repertoire of psychic reading and woo others with your expertise.

In actuality, it depends on how far and how deeply you want to go. A simple comprehension of each system outlined above will suffice to spice up your readings, as will an understanding of where some meanings came from or how they evolved.

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If you’ve created a relationship with the divine, such as with angels and other entities, spirit guides, or even yourself, you’ve discovered your truth. So, don’t be fooled by people trying to diminish your experience by telling you that you do not know enough about tarot reading.

9. Are tarot apps truthful?

Yes, they appear to be, at least the ones we’ve tried.

Another question about tarot app accuracy is how tarot apps provide accurate tarot readings. The solution lies in your desire to get a quality tarot reading. It also depends upon your connection to your guides and the universe. Substitute whichever higher power you’d want to depict. A tarot app is nothing more than code, graphics, and text on a logical level.

10. How to find a genuine psychic to do your readings?

Several psychics who can predict other people’s future might not be able to give you a good reading. However, you can go through the reviews and trust your gut feeling. Once you have taken a reading from a particular psychic, you can tell if the reading resonates with you or not. If you like someone’s service, you can visit them again. When they get more information about you with time, you will get even more accurate readings.

11. What questions should I ask a psychic?

You can ask them various questions. Consider the following to know some typical ones:

What should I know about my life right now?

It is unnecessary to have a specific question in mind while receiving a psychic reading. Even a vague question allows the psychic or medium to tune into your current situation and provide important information.

What energies surround me presently?

Psychics work on energy. When you ask this question, you give them a way to connect with you. They will then give you an overall reading.

Can you help me with the life path I should take?

If you are confused about which way is ideal, you can provide them with options. Afterward, they can tell you which option is the best.

I’m unable to find a soulmate. Can you help?

Whether you are in a relationship or not, you can ask this question. You can know if the current person you are with is your soulmate or not. Then, you can know when your soulmate will arrive.

I’m confused about whether I should get married. What should I do?

If you are single and want to get married, a psychic can tell you about the right time to think about it. You can also ask if the partner that you are with presently is the perfect partner for you or not.

Summing Up

Most of us face confusion about making crucial life decisions. Psychic reading is a way by which you can connect to your ancestors and guardian angels that can help you find out the solution to your troubles.

When a psychic person touches your energy, they can understand your past, present, and future. Afterward, they can give you information to improve your life.

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