Best Portable AC on the Market (2022) Top Mini Personal Air Cooler Units

We all know how uncomfortable it gets when we have to bear the scorching heat while working during the summer season. Sometimes it is difficult for us to work, and we often end up feeling sick too. At home, we can turn on the air conditioners and relax, which we can’t do in our offices and workplaces. Although most offices have air conditioners installed, some don’t have that facility. In that case, it gets difficult for the employees to work in the scorching heat during the hot summers. Also, sometimes it’s impossible to install ACs at home, maybe because there isn’t enough space in your home or you can’t afford to buy air conditioners.

So what will you do then? Will you keep suffering in the uncomfortable heat, or will you bid farewell to your savings just to buy an air conditioner? Well, the most effective solution would be to use portable ACs that are much more affordable and easier to use. Also, they provide excellent cooling at just a fraction of what you usually have to pay for the bigger ACs. There are several ACs available in the market nowadays, so choosing the perfect portable AC that will cater to all your needs is challenging. So here in this article, we will be reviewing some of the best portable ACs, so that you can make an informed choice before making your purchase.

Factors We Considered for Ranking the Best Portable ACs

As you already know, many portable ACs available nowadays claim to provide top-notch features but sometimes fail to do so in reality. So while reviewing the portable ACs, we had to check for some essential traits, which are a must for every Portable AC.

These are some of the factors that we considered before reviewing the products:

Can Effectively Dispense Cool Air

Some portable AC brands promise that their product dispenses cool air, but that is not true. Some portable ACs distribute moderately cool air, which takes a lot of time to cool down in a hot and humid environment. A good portable AC can provide a cooler in a short period.

Can Control Temperature

A good portable AC can control the temperature effectively in a short span and can also provide you with multiple modes. This enables you to use it in any location and climatic condition.

Acceptable BTU Levels

Portable ACs have varied levels of BTU because the more significant the BTU, the larger would be its cooling radius. A good cooler has a BTU range between 8,000 TO 14000.

Acceptable Cooling Down Capacity

A good portable AC does not require much time to cool down and starts working minutes after turning on. When the climate is sweltering, we are all looking for the perfect AC that can start working quickly and provide cool air.

Must Be Easy to Use

A good portable AC is easy to use and does not require constant charging. They do not require frequent battery replacements and maintenance services.

Quiet Noise Level

Portable ACs are primarily used in offices, so they cant be noisy. A poor quality portable AC is generally very noisy contrary to a good one which does not give out any unwanted noise.

Multiple Cooling Speeds

A good portable AC has several cooling speeds that can be changed according to weather conditions. It usually comes with different fan speeds and cooling modes to help you get the cooling intensity you wish to achieve.

Long Battery Life and Charging Capacity

A good portable AC can get fully charged very quickly and last up to 10 hours after it has been fully charged.

Attractive Appearance and Design

Although it isn’t a requirement for every user, it must be classy enough if you consider carrying it to various places. A good portable AC has an attractive and compact design, does not take up a lot of space, and will sit perfectly in any place you prefer.

Filter and Sanitize the Air

Although this feature is not added to most portable ACs, a good portable AC has carbon filters and UV filtration facilities to ensure that the air you breathe is clean.

Money-back Guarantee/Product Warranty

A good portable AC always provides a product warranty that allows you to get a refund if you are not completely satisfied with the product.

The Best Portable ACs for 2022

  • ChillWell AC
  • Ice House Portable AC
  • HydroBoost Portable AC
  • IcyBreeze
  • EvaPolar
  • ZeroBreeze
  • New Air Portable AC
  • RW Flame Portable Air Conditioners
  • Sleep Connection Cool Mist Humidifier
  • Arctic Box
  • IceBox Cordless Air Cooler
  • CoolEdge
  • CoolMe Pro
  • CoolX
  • Aero Cool Portable AC
  • Williston Force
  • NexFan Evo UV Cooler
  • Air Cooler Pro
  • Sylvane Portable Air Conditioners
  • Sion Cooler
  • UV Cooler
  • CoolFeel Max

ChillWell AC


ChillWell AC is one of the best portable ACs available today. It has a compact design and a durable build. The AC is relatively easy to set up and very user-friendly. This air cooler’s dimensions are minimal, making it a better purchase option. ChillWell portable air coolers use cutting-edge technology to provide sophisticated and enhanced cooling functions. ChillWell air cooler performs above average, and the cooling effects provided by the product are noteworthy. In terms of efficiency, the product outperforms some of the top goods on the market.

Furthermore, the air cooler is relatively lightweight; thus, transporting it to another room will not seem to be a difficult job. Aside from its small size, the product’s design is also noteworthy. The ChillWell portable AC is designed to convert hot air into chilly and humid air. The device’s technology is known as the Hydro-Chill technology, and it works flawlessly to provide the best and the fastest cooling benefits.

Ice House Portable AC


Ice House is a very efficient portable AC that operates by taking in hot air and cooling it with a combination of water and evaporation. This AC is portable so that it may be used anywhere there is an electrical outlet. It does not require a traditional HVAC system, making it more energy-efficient. Ice House also cools quickly, making it excellent for usage in hot weather. Ice House is a terrific choice for anyone looking for comfort from the scorching heat. It has several fan settings that allow you to change the cooling effect. If the temperature isn’t too hot, the moderate cooling mode is a good option, but if you can’t stand the heat, set it to the high range. This allows you to tailor your cooling experience to your specific requirements.

It is incredibly lightweight, making it ideal for use on the go. This portable AC keeps you cool and comfortable at work or on vacation. Furthermore, the Ice House Air Cooler’s compact form allows it to be conveniently stored in a purse or backpack.

HydroBoost Portable AC


The Hydroboost Portable Air Conditioner is one of the best compact ACs for reliability, flexibility, and convenience. This portable Air Conditioner is light yet sturdy material with rigidity and sturdiness, making it a piece of well-built equipment. It has several fantastic qualities, such as being a multi-functioning device with an air conditioner, a fire, and a fan, and it is highly portable. It is portable and convenient because it includes a USB port and requires no further setup; simply plug and play. It might help you stay cool for a more extended amount of time. It produces cool air while using only 8 watts.

It features a large water tank for extended use, and the battery easily lasts 4 hours. Because of its portability, it is a very convenient device that can be used anywhere. It is a highly light device. It has powerful cooling as well as a customizable cooling and airflow range.



The Icybreeze Cooler is a great portable AC for Camping because it allows you to enjoy cool drinks and air no matter where you are. If you aren’t planning on camping anytime soon, you can utilize it while playing or enjoying some recreational sports. It has a 38-quart capacity and can contain a lot of drinks and ice. There are no concerns regarding the IcyBreeze’s durability because it is very tough and challenging to break. If you simply use it as a cooler, it can last up to 7 days in temperatures as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

IcyBreeze blows icy air using only ice and water. It has three fan speed settings: low, medium, and high speeds, and the battery life is determined by the setting you select. The battery will last up to 6 hours on the low setting and even less on high, usually about 2.5 hours. IcyBreeze also has an uninterrupted power source so that you can use it for hours at a stretch. However, depending on your selected setting, you will need to refresh the ice regularly. The cold air is blown out through a vent at the top of this cooler.



The Evapolar portable air conditioner is an outstanding demonstration of a portable evaporative AC that you can use for camping or other utilities. It looks stylish and appealing on a workstation or bedside table. It has a perfectly squared body with rounded sides and air vents on the back of the cooler. The portable air conditioner has frosted water reservoir tanks on both sides, making it simple to check how much water remains. The water reservoir has a capacity of 800 ml / 27 ounces / 3.38 cups that can last anywhere from three to eight hours, depending on the dryness and temperature of the air in the room.

The company provides several popular models with varying degrees of cooling power, such as the evaLIGHT Plus, evaCHILL, and evaSMART. Also, you get added features like voice control, mobile app support, and LED backlights. One of the advantages of using this portable AC is that it uses eco-friendly technology to lessen the carbon footprint.



ZeroBreeze is a powerful portable air conditioner meant for use outdoors, such as going camping. ZeroBreeze displays impressive capabilities everywhere you go – camping in your backyard, sleeping in your camper van, or trekking to the summit of a mountain. The Zero Breeze air conditioner employs a micro compressor to deliver cool air to an area of up to 40 square feet. The AC has the cooling power to reduce the temperature of your room by 30 degrees, providing ample power to beat the heat significantly. You may carry it with you and use the battery supply, or you can plug it into an outlet. Based on usage, the AC’s portable batteries can last between 3-5 hours.

The Zero Breeze Portable AC, like most air conditioners, has a drainage tube that must be fitted in a location where it can drain securely and without leaving a mess. While it creates cool air, you will note that the product’s heat exhaust system also produces hot air, so make sure you arrange the ventilation hose somewhere where it can release the heated air.

New Air Portable AC


NewAir AC is a lightweight, portable AC that can easily accommodate a floor area of up to 100 square feet. It may also be used as a humidifier when you want to expel out dry air, and it has a huge water tank that can contain up to 1 gallon at total capacity. Because the portable AC only consumes 80 Watts of power, you shouldn’t expect it to cause a significant impact on your monthly electricity expenditure. The NewAir portable air conditioner has a little meshed filter that you can remove if it becomes dirty from trapping in the dust and other undesired particles from circulating through the air. Newair ACs come with a one-year guarantee, so don’t hesitate to contact them if your new purchase arrives with unexpected problems. With regular care and maintenance, your Newair air conditioning unit should last for at least ten years.

RW Flame Portable Air Conditioners


RW Flame Portable Air Conditioners are portable ACS that use fan cooling, different fan speeds, and a dehumidifier to provide the desired temperature. Even though many models have complicated components, particular units are more basic. These portable air conditioners can run for 8-10 hours when filled with water. Furthermore, the water tank could be completely removed and cleaned with ease. It has two ice buckets; you can add extra ice cubes to get even cooler air. A remote controller is included with the machine and has wheels that help you easily carry the AC. They can also be removed if they are not required. The bladeless design prevents children from injuring their hands when no adults are nearby. Furthermore, the filter fence could be removed for simple cleaning.

Sleep Connection Cool Mist Humidifier


Sleep Connection Cool Mist Humidifier is a portable AC that is the smallest and most compact product on this list. It can perfectly fit into a cupholder, allowing users to take it wherever they go. To keep the user cool, it sprays a mist of cool water into the area on a timer, which is very useful for someone who lives in a normally dry and hot environment. It’s easy to use, lightweight, adaptable, long-lasting, and portable. It will provide unrestricted access to the cleanest, coolest, and healthiest air in all seasons. The AC is one-of-a-kind and has several features that set it apart from other humidifiers. Some of its most vital selling qualities are its efficiency and simplicity.

This is a high-tech humidifier designed to provide comfort and ease of breathing in clean air. It is affordable and cost-effective, with a one-touch operation mechanism. The humidifier supplies moisture to the air while reducing dust particle levels. It is also straightforward to operate and does not necessitate any technical knowledge. The Sleep Connection Cool Mist Humidifier is wireless, with no cables, cords, or wires.

Arctic Box


Arctic Box’s portable device uses evaporative technology to minimize heat discomfort. In return, it draws hot air from the surrounding air and emits a cold breeze. Users can maintain this cooler to reduce the dryness and sweat that causes discomfort. The AC is simple to use, requiring just the refilling of water or ice to the tank. Users will also need to keep this item charged for transporting it wherever necessary. This device functions similarly to other portable air conditioning systems available today. Because technical experience is not required, you can use the Arctic Box without technical understanding. It is popular among users since it also eliminates dust particles from the air. That means you will breathe clean, fresh, cold, and healthy air if you have it in your room.

IceBox Cordless Air Cooler


The IceBox Cordless Air Cooler has no cord, so customers may benefit from the cooler’s filtration and humidification. It allows users to tailor their experience by reversing the direction of the air, its speed, and other parameters. When ultimately charged, the built-in battery will last up to five hours when connected to a power source through the USB cord. Evaporative cooling is used to cool the air, which can effectively minimize temperature without generating dryness, as an AC generally might. In practically every weather, it produces a cooler environment.

An integrated filter eliminates warm air molecules and transforms them to cool air as they flow. The cool air is subsequently released with the assistance of the fan. Finally, air filtering methods remove dust and dirt from the air before releasing cold air. The IceBox air cooler can successfully cool a space of up to 20 square meters. Furthermore, the IceBox air cooler can be carried from one location to another as it is very lightweight. Unlike many other items on the market, the icebox air cooler is leakproof. It is simple to use for everyone, regardless of technical expertise.



CoolEdge has a one-of-a-kind design suitable for customers who want a model that will not clash with their existing décor. The device is quite vibrant. However, it lacks an integrated cooling system. It doesn’t employ evaporative technology like most other ACs. Instead, it functions mainly as a fan, cooling the user owing to the fan’s speed rather than the air passing through it. Unlike previous models, it includes a mount stand for those who prefer to be next to the cooling device. Users can also select from a variety of intensities. Using the CoolEdge Portable AC saves a significant amount of electricity. It is not essential to purchase freon gas. You only need water or ice cubes to get started. Using it for 8 hours is risk-free without filling the water tank. You may modify the direction of the wind by adjusting the louvered blade up and down. It also features a three-speed fan so you can pick whether it should be quiet or chilly. CoolEdge uses only water to chill off your surroundings in 30 seconds. You may also use ice cubes in water to swiftly cool things down; the air it produces is nice. You only need a USB cord to charge a CoolEdge portable air conditioner.

CoolMe Pro


CoolMe Pro is an efficient cooler with cutting-edge technology that allows you to go about your everyday duties despite the scorching heat. According to CoolMe Pro, this sturdy and intelligent device will revolutionize personal cooling. CoolMe Pro is a sleek and small design that keeps you cool indoors or outside. CoolMe Pro is a simple-to-use device that requires no technical installation or upkeep. CoolMe Pro may be assembled by an adult, saving users the cost of hiring a professional to install the gadget. This portable device employs cutting-edge technology that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. CoolMe Pro, unlike other cooling gadgets, uses evaporative technology. This device’s high-powered fan circulates air through an H2O curtain, effectively cooling the air around you.



CoolX is a portable AC that helps customers relax by allowing them to control the fan speed and direction. It is one of the most recent portable cooling devices in terms of energy usage and cooling capacity. CoolX also functions as a humidifier and air cleaner. A typical air conditioning equipment cannot perform these two operations. Filtering the captured air protects the consumer from dangerous airborne pollutants, while the humidifier component returns moisture to the environment. As a result, this device may provide an additional layer of defense for those accustomed to poor skin and breathing conditions.

CoolX is also very easy to use. Using the pre-set controls, you can alter the fan’s speed setting in any room of your home. A button controls the gadget on the console rather than a remote control. This device comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and is appropriate for people who live in humid locations and will not benefit from adding extra humidity.

Aero Cool Portable AC


It is an evaporative cooler that increases the overall cold temperature of the home. AeroCool delivers a cool, calming breath of air via evaporation technology. Users should fill the built-in tank with water; the device will recycle it to produce cooler, moisturized air. The benefit of this unit is that it does not require maintenance to continue cooling your room effectively. A humidifier’s primary function is to increase the moisture level of your environment. This function is essential for persons living in arid areas because dry air can create a variety of ailments such as dry skin and other respiratory concerns.

This AC helps cool your air and removes most contaminants that may be polluting it. The device includes a powerful filter that captures all dust particles in your environment, ensuring that users breathe cleaner and cooler air. The AeroCool may be conveniently powered by USB from your laptop or wall socket. Most importantly, this gadget features a rechargeable battery, increasing its versatility by allowing it to be used in any space.

Williston Force


Williston Force compact coolers of the latest generation have shown to be the best remedy for heat waves. Williston Force eliminates the water in the cooler and instantly provides a cold wind, letting you relax rapidly. It can generate a cooler environment wherever the user is, but it does not operate as well as the other portable units on our list. Because of its smaller size and limited power consumption, it may be transported and used everywhere.

Williston Force uses little energy, allowing you to relax without worrying about utility expenses or the extreme heat. It does not release toxins or contaminants into the air and makes no noise while operating. As a result, when you breathe clean air, you also protect nature from future harm. It improves the environment by utilizing electronics technology and fan circulation. A 30-day return policy covers any purchase.

NexFan Evo UV Cooler


The NexFan Evo UV Cooler enhances the fresh fragrance in the home, providing a clean environment that helps users breathe more readily while feeling more at ease. It has an overall cooling impact and does not retain any hot air that travels in the room. Additionally, the air is wholly purified before it touches the users. The battery life is approximately 12-13 hours. Even if it is not charged or plugged in, it will undoubtedly provide fantastic and cooler air to the people.

Air Cooler Pro


Air Cooler Pro is an efficient portable AC that assists users in lowering their electricity expenditures. It enables the user to establish a balanced atmosphere in the home without requiring any setup. Users should instead be able to put it into the charging wire and start using it as soon as they open the box. It also provides excellent cooling with water and ice in the tank. The heated air passes over the cooler and is replaced by cool air. Air Cooler Pro is a simple-to-use device that requires no technical installation or upkeep. This device’s high-powered fan circulates air through an H2O curtain, effectively cooling the air around you. A USB connection charges it so you can plug it into nearly anything, including your computer, phone, or battery pack.

Sylvane Portable Air Conditioners


Sylvane Portable Air Conditioners is a well-known brand in portable air conditioning equipment. Numerous versions are available, ranging in size from 5,000 to 15,000 BTUs and suiting various room sizes. These ACs deliver heavily loaded cooling power ideal for bigger spaces. Rather than merely cooling the local area surrounding your body, you may maintain a pleasant temperature in the entire room without having to pay for a more oversized air conditioner.

Sion Cooler


The Sion Cooler was created to make the people in the surrounding area more comfortable by supplying cold air. This cutting-edge technique is based on evaporation, which cools and moistens the air as it passes over water. The Cooler draws warm air from the room and then pushes it through its moistened cooling pads. It must be filled with water to evaporate and exit via the fan as cool air. This is feasible due to the device’s ice tray, which keeps the water cold. The strong three-speed fan draws in heated air and chills it to keep the indoor temperature pleasant. A high-quality filter protects the blades of this gadget. The fan’s blades are rotated clockwise to provide cool air.

The Sion Cooler has a sleek appearance and looks great in any environment. It is also compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and deploy in regions where additional cooling is required. The Sion Cooler is advertised to run silently, allowing you to sleep soundly at night and run for 6-8 hours on a fully charged battery. The Sion Cooler can cool a medium-sized room in a matter of minutes.

UV Cooler


The UV Cooler is a portable gadget that provides purification and better cooling in whichever space they are in. The device employs UV radiation to remove germs and bacteria from the environment, resulting in more incredible coolness and purity in the air. Unlike other air conditioners, this little unit is inexpensive to install and less expensive in terms of bills and maintenance. The daily operation not only saves money on monthly costs, but it also saves money on maintenance. It’s small and lightweight. The portable air conditioner may be utilized in even the smallest of spaces and does not require more extensive space for installation. The portable unit is suitable for the majority of room sizes. The portable design is appropriate for many locations and can work with a power bank.

Its multiple fan speeds allow users to select their preferred pace. The device can cool the area for up to 8 hours and only needs to be filled three times a day, allowing people to do their jobs without sweat. It is entirely noise-free when in use. With its ultra-quiet fan, one can enjoy a cool space without noticing the unit’s presence. The unit has seven soothing shades that modify the room’s ambiance and is thus very popular among children. The soft light promotes restful slumber.

CoolFeel Max


CoolFeel Max works nearly instantaneously to bring extra coolness to warm rooms. It is portable and lightweight, with a neck-hang design that allows it to be carried on the user’s body. Furthermore, it offers three distinct adjustable power settings to meet the needs of every user. This unique characteristic makes it easier to adjust the cooler’s speed and achieve the ideal cooling experience. It can be worn when walking, but it is intended for people who work out, hike, or perform other activities. It is supported by a rechargeable battery that operates at any temperature, but users must charge it regularly using the provided micro USB connector.

Benefits of Purchasing a Portable Air Conditioner

A portable AC should be on your shopping list if you’re looking for cooling solutions for your home. They’re inexpensive and versatile because you can move the device into other rooms and your camper van. You don’t have to spend much on central ACs when you only need them in one area. Furthermore, a portable AC is an excellent alternative if your property does not permit window AC units.

These are the advantages of purchasing portable ACs:

A portable air conditioner is a more cost-effective solution when compared to a central air conditioning unit and the labor required to install it. Depending on the model and features, these air conditioners are usually found for less than $500.

Portable air conditioners are the easiest to install. They only need a window to accommodate the intake/exhaust pipe and an electrical outlet. The air conditioner will come with instructions for its easy assembling guidelines.

Most portable ACs allow you to shift it to where you need it, making it an excellent choice for individuals to carry the cooling unit effortlessly. It is much easier to move and operate than a window unit AC. Window units often require more people to relocate, but portable units can be transported from one location to another.

A portable AC requires only some of the window space for the exhaust pipe. It is a better choice than a window unit for those with minimal natural light since it occupies very little window space.

The Best Portable ACs for 2022 Conclusion

If you’re looking for cooling choices for your home, a portable AC should be on your buying list. They are affordable and versatile because they may be relocated to different rooms. No more wasting money on central air when only one room needs to be air-conditioned. Furthermore, a portable air conditioner is an ideal alternative if your home does not have an allowance for window AC units. They are suitable for rental properties, dorm rooms, storage units, and other uses. People are becoming more aware of portable air conditioners’ energy-saving benefits and versatility.

However, contacting an air conditioning provider is advisable before deciding whether your room is too large to be cooled by a portable AC. Before making your purchase, ensure your portable air conditioner has been thoroughly inspected to verify it is in perfect working order. If the portable air conditioner fails to give you the desired results, you may consider installing a window or split air conditioner. Another option is purchasing more than one unit to cool the ample space adequately. Finally, the decision is yours.

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