15 Minute Back Program Reviews: Real Muscle-Release Movements?

Whether you jog, lift a large object or work out, you may occasionally get a sharp, painful ache in the back. This discomfort hinders daily activities if not addressed promptly and appropriately. What begins as a mildly painful feeling in the back can develop into a chronic condition that interferes with everyday life.

The majority of lower back pain does not require immediate medical care. For common causes of lower back pain, basic at-home pain care is an acceptable course of action. In actuality, most problems of lower back pain are caused by a muscle strain, which improves rather rapidly, and do not require medical attention.

If the discomfort lasts longer than one to two weeks or interferes with mobility and everyday activities, it is advisable to seek medical attention. However, sometimes there’s not much the doctor can do for you other than prescribing painkillers. If you are fed up with frequent doctor’s visits, discomfort, and surgery, you should try the 15 Minute Back program.

The 15 Minute Back program by Rick Olderman teaches individuals how to relieve excruciating back pain forever. It is a step-by-step approach that will assist you in eliminating chronic back discomfort effectively. Long-standing neck and back stiffness can be alleviated with just fifteen minutes of workouts. By performing the program’s movements daily, you will be able to obtain long-desired relaxation, comfort, and sleep.

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What exactly is the 15 Minute Back Program?

The 15 Minute Back program is an easy-to-use self-help manual for treating nearly all types of back discomfort. This is because, regardless of the diagnosis, lower back pain has the same underlying causes. The root cause of all the back problems can be easily remedied using the activities included in this back rehab program. Rick created his one-of-a-kind instructional videos for people to watch at home after realizing that some individuals required more direct direction.

Rick’s 15-minute workouts will direct you through the pain-relieving exercises. His strategies help you treat your pain back from the comfort of your home, thereby allowing you to experience immediate benefits. No other regimen can provide you with faster and more permanent results.

The program DVDs make excellent gifts for family members, friends, coworkers, and employees. Each DVD includes tools to keep you on the right track. The more practice you put in, the better you get! 15 Minute Back Pain addresses all facets of back pain relief, including:

  • Correcting the mechanics of your spine with posture training.
  • How to active your deep spinal stabilizing muscles.
  • Core strengthening exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles.
  • Stretching exercises for targeting sore muscles that contribute to back discomfort.
  • Discovering which of your negative habits cause back pain.

What does this program include?

The objective of the 15 Minute Back program is to aid as many individuals as possible who suffer from back discomfort. It addresses all facets of pain, including its cause and varied forms. This program has various effective ways of controlling pain without the use of narcotics. This program also includes various training videos through which you may learn how to eliminate back discomfort.

Here is what is on offer:

How this All Works Videos:

According to Rick, people experience amazing pain relief when they comprehend the “How” and “Why” behind the exercises. Rick requests that you watch these videos before beginning the program’s exercise regimens. It will accelerate your fitness gains.

Here is what you will discover:

  • Three most common causes of back pain, and how to treat each?
  • What do other practitioners fail to address, and for which do they not provide permanent relief?
  • How to get long-lasting pain relief?

Pain Reduction Program

Rick will instruct you on gentle muscle release exercises that will help alleviate your back pain. Each workout session lasts 15 minutes, and most participants claim to experience immediate relief. By consistently performing the exercises for 21 days, you will eliminate back discomfort permanently.

Restoration and Strength Follow-Along Videos

Rick wants you to watch these videos after lowering your discomfort by 75%. The exercises will improve problematic pain locations, allowing you to move more freely. These exercises will assist you in fortifying your muscles against future sprains, strains, and contractions.

Bonus #1: Pain Disability Index

This additional question will assist you in determining your present pain level. Simply complete the questionnaire before beginning the program’s procedures. This bonus quiz will also allow you to monitor the improvement of discomfort.

Bonus #2: Set of Checklists

This additional checklist will assist you in tracking pain reduction and muscle recovery over time. It will help you treat pain like a therapist. You will be able to track your progress in real-time. You will be able to comprehend how the program regimes are aiding you in your back pain management.

About Author

Rick Olderman developed this 15 Minute Back workout program. Rick is a physical therapist, clinic owner, a practitioner of Hanna Somatics, personal trainer, Pilates instructor, a bestselling book, and public speaker. Rick’s chronic back discomfort, which began before he entered school, was one of the motivating factors behind his quest for answers. He was unable to find the true solution to back pain in PT school, Pilates, personal training, or yoga.

Rick concluded that a crucial factor connecting movement, structure, and pain was lacking in most disciplines. He has devoted the last two decades to discovering how the human body functions and eliminates pain. He converted his insights into a straightforward approach that anyone may implement.

He has spent years building his innovative strategy. His unique approach to treating pain has been taught to all of his therapists. Rick wanted to share his experience with others going through similar circumstances, so he created the 15-Minute Back program. Rick has successfully treated numerous individuals in eliminating their back pain concerns, and he eagerly anticipates assisting everyone who endures this pain and misery throughout the day.

Where to buy 15 Minute Back Program:

The 15 Minute Back program may be purchased on the company’s website for $67. Numerous folks can benefit from Rick’s pain-relieving strategies. Available in pdf format, the 15-Minute Back program is immediately downloadable. If you require hard copies of the “guides” for the program, there is an additional shipping fee. After making a purchase, you can immediately begin utilizing the system. You don’t need to wait for anything to arrive at your door.

After completing your purchase, you will be routed to the membership area in order to download and see program content. Rick offers a 60-day, no-questions-asked, 100 percent money-back guarantee on all purchases. If you are not happy with the program’s results within sixty days of purchase, you are eligible for a full refund. The program’s support team can be reached via the following email address, and they will respond within one business day.


Men and women of all ages will experience significant relief from back discomfort with the 15 Minute back program. Years of upper and lower back pain can be alleviated with simple, gentle exercises. All of the exercises in this program have been deemed safe by experts. These movements will help to straighten and relax the back muscles, nourish them and prevent discs from impinging on nerves, which are widely known for causing discomfort and muscular imbalance.

Rick’s method will assist you in restoring your body’s vibrancy, strength, and flexibility. Importantly, you will gain control and permanently remove discomfort. The recommended exercises require only a few minutes per day and have long-lasting effects. Users will also receive free access to video footage of all 15 Minute Back Program tests and exercises. This guarantees that your injuries are accurately assessed and treated. No other program has ever done more to assist you than the 15-Minute Back program.

Don’t waste any more time. Get the 15 Minute Back program right now!


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