The PFT Method Reviews – Geoff Neupert Easy Muscle Power Fiber Training Method

Many people are committed to working on their physique and improving their appearance. The weight loss industry has significantly grown, with both men and women investing in ways to burn fat and stay lean.

For most men looking to transform their bodies, intense workout routines are a vital part of the process. Every man on a fitness journey is in a training or workout program like strength training and bodybuilding, HIIT exercises, and circuit training, among others. They also supplement these workout routines with restrictive diet plans such as Keto to help speed up weight loss.

However, some of these workout programs for men are ineffective, especially for older men. For example, HIIT exercises in resistance training can be dangerous as they can cause a heart attack, especially in men over 35. When these older men apply HIIT exercises to resistance training, the walls of their hearts thicken and become less elastic, reducing their ability to pump blood effectively and, as a result, causing a stroke or a heart attack.

Most of these extreme workout routines lack recovery time which is essential as it minimizes fatigue. Geoff Neupert, a trainer for over 20 years, created the Power Fiber Training programs that offer effective workout routines used mainly by athletes to build muscle, get stronger, and leaner.

The Power Fiber Training.

The PFT program utilizes the ‘Olympians secret’ to achieve an athlete’s strong, muscular, lean body. The program does not feature cardio or HIIT workouts but instead employs exercises targeting specific muscle fibers/power fibers and minimizing fatigue. By training these muscle fibers, also known as Fast Twitch muscle fibers, you will not only get faster and stronger but also improve your physique and look more muscular.

The power fibers are bigger and stronger than other muscle fibers in the body and consume the most energy. They are responsible for jumping, throwing, tumbling, sprinting, and heavy lifting and easily get exhausted. Our bodies also contain Slow Twitch fibers, which are smaller and weaker than other fibers but do not fatigue quickly. The slow twitch fibers are responsible for endurance and rely on oxygen for fuel.

Many athletes like jumpers, gymnasts, sprinters, and Olympic throwers exercise their power fibers, and as a result, the mass of these muscle fibers increases. More muscle fibers help to reverse obesity, lower body fat, and boost metabolism.

Benefits of Easy Muscle Power Fiber Training.

This Easy Muscle program is highly effective in reversing obesity, especially among men over 40. When men get to 30 years, the amount of muscle mass in their bodies starts to decline and it becomes harder to lose weight and reverse obesity due to low metabolism. Increasing fast twitch muscle fiber mass through power fiber training boosts metabolism and helps you burn fat faster to release energy and get slimmer.

It helps you build muscle and strength and stay lean regardless of your diet. Many fitness enthusiasts looking to lose weight and build muscle get on restrictive diets like Keto and Paleo to achieve their desired physique. While some diet plans help, others may be bad for you and make you unhealthy. This training program works regardless of what you eat and recommends foods that will help you build muscle.

The Power Fiber Training method offers older men a safer way to stay if and be muscular. Some intensive workout routines like HIITS can be risky to an older man’s heart health when paired with resistance training as it can affect the heart’s ability to pump blood and may cause a stroke or heart attack. The PFT program offers safer workout routines with more recovery, which is good for your heart and health.

It eliminates the risks that come with training for muscle failure. According to some studies, training to muscle failure, which includes certain HIIT and bodybuilding workouts, increases cortisol levels and destroys muscle tissues. These exercises stimulate the release of cortisol, a stress hormone that promotes the buildup of stomach fat, especially among older men. The fat triggers the production of more cortisol which results in more fat. The PFT program saves you from the endless loop of weight gain and protects your muscles from damage by high cortisol levels.


The Power Fiber training (PFT) program offers a great way to achieve a lean, muscular and athletic body while keeping you fit and improving your heart health. It is an excellent program for men of all ages who want to avoid the adverse effects of the most intensive and harmful gym workout routines like muscle soreness and reduced testosterone. Get Geoff Neupert’s Easy Muscle program at a pocket-friendly price to achieve your body and fitness goals within a few weeks.