Mystery Box Reviews (Crystal Hollow) – Rare Gems & Crystals?

A Mystery Box subscription is every person’s chance to get healing stones that are genuine crystals and rare gems in their mailboxes each month. Crystals and gemstones can be used for many purposes, as every one of them has healing, restorative, or lucky powers. Subscribers will find in the Mystery Box that their health, balance, wealth, abundance, and relationships will see improvements in the body, mind, and spirits.

The Power of Gemstones

Crystals and gemstones have been used for thousands of years because they are believed to have healing properties, balance the body and mind, and spirit. People from ancient Egypt and Aztecs were incorporating them into jewelry and their clothes. They were also used in decorative items, amulets, as well as many other things. Ever since civilizations have started to develop, gemstones were considered to be of great help when it comes to releasing physical, mental, and spiritual blockages. And there’s a logical explanation to all this, seeing the human body has similar energetic vibrations with different stones that can be used for aligning the energy. This is one of the main reasons why, in ancient medicine, doctors used to place gemstones and crystals directly on individuals with a disease to heal. When the stones’ energy is released, then that energy starts to flow freely throughout the entire body.

Moreover, gemstones can also be used to connect the conscious mind with the body. When programmed with a specific transformation intention, healing stones are a genuine game-changer. They intensify the thoughts by directing the energy they contain. And during this process, they magnify the thoughts or intentions of a person with their frequencies. There are numerous and different meanings for crystals. These meanings support multiple purposes that start with health and balance and end with wealth, abundance, or relaxation. People can use many of the crystals available depending on their needs and desires. Besides, gemstones are believed to hold tremendous wisdom because they have been on earth for millions of years.

What’s in the Mystery Box?

Contents included in the Mystery Box:

  • Five gemstones that are randomly picked and valued at either $100 or $1,000 in total
  • Description cards for each gemstone and the powers and traits that it holds

All gemstones that arrive every month are infused with Reiki energy, ethically sourced, given an intention prayer, and charged in a garden before being shipped. They are also quite rare, many of them. For example, subscribers can receive a Black Opal, which is valued at $300 and offers complete protection of the aura and body against negativity or toxicity. There’s the chance to get a Lightning Ridge Black Opal as well. This stone is worth more than $1,200 and incredibly rare to find. It strengthens emotions and has a porous structure, and it absorbs all the negativity in a person’s life.

What Powers Do Other Gems Have?

Here are some other gems and their powers:


Sometimes called the Intuitive Eye, Amethyst is a stone of spirituality, intuition, and peace. It provides the relaxation of the body and mind that everyone needs after a very long day. Furthermore, it takes all the worries away if placed next to the bed during the night. Because it works with the Crown Chakras and the Third Eye, it also helps the body rest properly and provides tremendous insight.


Quartz is the stone of beauty, happiness, and joy. It can brighten anyone’s day because it holds the energy of the rainbow. People who use it see the light side of life. At the same time, they are more playful and can find the child within them. They laugh and live life to the fullest. Quartz can be kept for lifting the spirits and enjoy every single day more.


This special stone releases anger and helps with making breakthroughs. It helps with releasing any negative energy, fear and anxiety included. It can also keep emotions in check and be more aware of what the heart wants. Seeing it has a star’s shape, it emanates its energy outwards and in each direction. Aragonite can be used to stabilize emotions and be more connected with the planet Earth.


Aquamarine is the tranquilizer that gives access to fluidity and brings about the desire to go with the flow. It can attract closure and positiveness and a higher state of consciousness, and significant life changes. Aquamarine has the color of water, so this is why it brings about tranquility. Many people use it to protect their psyche from darkness and negative energy. Moreover, it renews and rejuvenates the body, the mind, and the spirit altogether.


Also known as The Manifester, Aventurine brings about good luck, optimism, and manifestation. It’s also the gambler’s stone, but this doesn’t mean it can’t help anyone to manifest anything luck anywhere. It connects with the Heart Chakra and lifts the spirit when needing to have more self-confidence. With Aventurine by their side, people find it easier to come out of their comfort zone and take some risks. And everyone knows that fortune favors the bold.

And these are only a few of the many gemstones available, each with its powers and energies. What kind of stones the Mystery Box will contain every month is a surprise, but a subscriber is sure not to receive the same gems twice.

How to Buy the Mystery Box?

The Mystery Box is available for sale on its official website, where it currently comes at the following discounted prices for monthly subscriptions:


All Mystery Box orders come with free shipping in the US. Those who want to benefit from these fantastic prices should hurry to get their subscription now, as there’s no way of knowing how long the offers above will last. Information about requests for refunds, canceling subscriptions, or just the Mystery Box and its use, can be obtained by sending an email to: