Flat Belly Burn Reviews – Real Weight Loss Detox Supplement?

Flat Belly Burn Reviews – Real Weight Loss Detox Supplement?

The Flat Belly Burn is a supplement intended for weight loss that according to the official website is the solution for people over 40. This supplement aims to turn on their digestive tract and flush out up to 39 pounds of nasty and stubborn belly fat.

Why Should Flat Belly Burn Be Given a Try?

A digestive tract that doesn’t work properly leads to the body holding onto fat. This is why so many people who diet and exercise a lot don’t manage to lose little weight or no weight at all. Amongst others, what causes the digestive system to slow down are sticky foods, which are being consumed every day because this is how most food is nowadays. As their name says, sticky foods stick around in the system, not really passing through the digestive tract, so it’s very difficult for them to get flushed out. But the Flat Belly Burn website claims this formula may take care of this problem.

Foods that are difficult to flush cause the nasty belly fat to accumulate. Of course, this doesn’t happen when consuming them once in a while, yet they are in everyone’s daily menu, meaning the digestive tract is practically at all times assaulted by them. Since dieting and exercising don’t have any means to address this issue, a supplement like Flat Belly Burn could be of tremendous help.

How Can the Digestive Tract Be Naturally Flushed Out?

For the digestive tract to pass on sticky foods and no longer store them as fat, an ancient Mayan routine that lasts only 7 seconds and has to be performed in the morning can do the trick. This method has been used to naturally flush out sticky foods from digestive tract for thousands of years. It’s all about consuming the right amounts and ratios of special herbs and substances. However, since the ingredients needed for the routine can’t be easily found in Nature or at local markets, consuming a supplement formulated with them, a supplement like Flat Belly Burn, is the best alternative.

Flat Belly Burn Ingredients

Here are Flat Belly Burn’s ingredients and their flushing out effects, just as presented on the product’s official website:

Bentonite Clay

Many people surely haven’t heard of Bentonite Clay, but this ingredient was first discovered in France’s hills, hundreds of years back. Its scientific title is Montmorillon. This 100% natural substance is known to absorb the sticky foods that are left behind in the digestive tract, helping to flush them out completely. Therefore, it gets rid of the foods that turn into belly fat, and at the same time, it keeps the digestive system healthy.

When it comes to how it does it, this is through its natural negative charge that acts just like a magnet for sticky compounds, seeing minerals in most sticky foods are positively charged. Therefore, Bentonite Clay can be called a magnet for sticky foods.

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium Husk is famous for its properties related to regulating bowel movement and thus, for supporting the digestive system to remain healthy. So, it’s as simple as this with Flat Belly Burn: the Bentonite Clay rounds up the toxins in the digestive tract just like a magnet, whereas Psyllium Husk helps with eliminating them through the stool.

Oat and Flaxseed

These also provide amazing support for both regular bowel movements and healthy digestion, not to mention they help with feeling full after a meal.


This dried fruit is being used in Flat Belly Burn because it stimulates the metabolism and is of great help when the body starts to eliminate the deepest layers of belly fat.

Flat Belly Burn FREE Bonuses

And the good news doesn’t stop here, seeing at the moment, Flat Belly Burn is being sold with 2 FREE bonuses:

Bonus #1 – 21 Day Flat Belly Guide

This is an ebook that teaches people what they have to do to flatten their belly in only 21 days. It also works perfectly for those Flat Belly Burn consumers who want to know how they can maintain their belly flat in the long run, for years to come.

Bonus #2 – Advanced 60 Second Flat Belly Flow

While Flat Belly Burn claims to do a perfect job at helping people slim down and get rid of their belly fat without exercising, there are many individuals out there who like to be physically active and to stick with a workout routine. For them, the Advanced 60 Second Flat Belly Flow bonus can be of great help, as it’s focused on movements especially suited and efficient for people in their 40s or older.

It should be noted both bonuses are being offered for FREE only to customers who choose to buy the 3 and 6-bottle Flat Belly Burn packages.

How Much Does Flat Belly Burn Cost?

Flat Belly Burn isn’t available for sale in pharmacies, supplement shops, neither on Amazon nor at other big online retailers. It can be purchased from the Flat Belly Burn official website, where it’s sure to be the original product and currently comes at some amazing prices, as it follows:

The basic deal, consisting of 1 bottle of Flat Belly Burn for only $59

Most Popular deal, which includes 3 bottles of the supplement at $49 per bottle

Best Value deal, in which 6 bottles of Flat Belly burn are being sold at $44 per bottle

There’s no way of knowing how long these deals are going to last, so those who want to get a supply of Flat Belly Burn at the best prices should hurry to place their order now. All products are covered by a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. This means those who think Flat Belly Burn doesn’t help them lose belly fat in any way can send their bottles back to the manufacturer for a full refund, yet only within 60 days since their purchase. To obtain a refund, they need to contact customer service by either calling +1 (856) 485-9183 or sending an email to support@appliedsciencenutrition. Bottles are to be sent back to the company, at the following mailing address:

  • MZF Group Inc.
  • 85 Queens Wharf Road Unit 3901, Toronto Ontario M5V 0J9

It should be noted refunds won’t be issued if return products arrive at the provided returns address and customer service hasn’t been contacted before sending them.