Washington State resident publishes new middle-grade book

  • Tue Nov 16th, 2021 1:30am
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Contributed photo
Rebecca and Stuart.

Contributed photo Rebecca and Stuart.

RA Cook, a local resident of San Juan Island and author of “Calvin Splinter & His Splendid Splinter Ideas” has recently launched a new middle-grade book: “Giganta, An Epic Tale.”

Impressed with the volcanic landscape and folklore of Iceland after a five-day trip, Cook felt inspired to write a lively tale about trolls, elves and volcanoes.

The author introduces you to Giganta, a troll three meters tall, and takes you on an exciting adventure down lava tubes and deep tunnels to the secret Elf Kingdom. You meet Gustaf, Head Scout of the Inner Earth Elves and Ilg, a fellow troll. When an earthquake rocks the Elf Kingdom, Queen Drotti of the Elves sends Giganta, Ilg and Gustaf on a dangerous mission to discover the cause of the terrible disruption. They’re journey is fraught with hardship. Using newfound skills, a cunning plan, and a little magic they find a way to turn back the tide that is destroying the earth.

Classically trained and a graduate of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA, RA Cook graduated with a degree in Illustration. An award winning graphic designer and published author, she has worked in the newspaper, magazine,and book industry for over three decades.

“I have designed many books for clients but writing and illustrating my own books is my passion,” Cook said.

Semi-retired, Cook plans to continue publishing more books through her self publishing company, HMA Publishing.

“Going Out the IN Road,” a magical realism adult novel about time travel on Orcas Island, is set to publish in 2022. A sequel for “Calvin Splinter & His Splendid Spinter Ideas” is also in the offing.

“You might say I’m busy—passionately busy. But,” she adds, “I’m not too busy to sign my book for you.”

Look for “Giganta, An Epic Tale” and “Calvin Splinter & His Splendid Splinter Ideas” at Island Studios, Griffin Bay Books or purchase online at http://www. hmapublishing.com/shop/giganta