Town delivers new refuse carts to residential customers

Submitted by Town of Friday Harbor.

Town of Friday Harbor residential refuse customers are receiving their new, green refuse carts. The 32-gallon, wheeled carts include a lift bar to assist workers with loading and reduce the risk of injury. The carts are provided at no cost to the customer. There is no additional cost to the customer for using the carts. The refuse fee for pickup is the same as for traditional 32-gallon cans, and traditional cans will continue to be picked up. Placement of carts at the curb is the same as for cans.

Customers are asked to securely bag all garbage before depositing it in the cart and double bag noxious trash such as cat litter and diapers. Carts are for household refuse only, not recycling, yard waste, construction debris, or other unallowable refuse as outlined on the Town’s website at

Carts are stamped with the town’s logo and remain the property of the town. Carts are to stay with the property when the resident moves. If they are broken or stolen, replacements may be provided while supply lasts. Once the supply is gone, customers will be asked to provide replacements which should be available at most hardware stores.

The need to replace an aging truck in the town’s fleet provided an opportunity to improve work conditions for the refuse crew and address concerns with the ongoing risk of injury from heavy lifting and repetitive motion.

Town residential refuse customers may direct questions to Town Hall at 360-378-2810 or contact the administrator at