Swim for whales

Submitted by Friends of the San Juans

Come jump in the water to celebrate the Southern resident orcas at the “Salish Splash” at Jackson Beach on June 13 at 4 p.m. with Friends of the San Juans, the Port of Friday Harbor, state Sen. Liz Lovelett, D-Anacortes, and other community members.

This year, the Washington state Legislature passed a critical package of orca recovery bills that address the many threats faced by the Southern residents. Event organizers are taking a moment to celebrate these victories and prepare for future action with a “splash” in the Salish Sea.

“With only 76 animals remaining, we need everyone talking about protecting our Southern Resident orcas. I can’t think of a better partner to elevate the need to protect orca than the Port of Friday Harbor who was one of the first voices to request an allocation of Chinook salmon for the Southern Residents,” said Stephanie Buffum, executive director of Friends of the San Juans.

Anyone can challenge friends, family and colleagues to jump into the sea — what better way to show support and enthusiasm for orca recovery than by jumping for joy into the water?

Bring something to splash in, plus aqua socks or other protective footwear. An ice cream social will follow the “splash” for participants and onlookers.

Learn more about the regional “Salish Splash” events at salishsplash.com/.

Learn more about the orca legislation that passed this legislative session at sanjuans.org/2019/04/19/orca-bills-passed/.