Shook Twins perform at San Juan Community Theatre, Sept. 11

As the restrictions from the COVID pandemic slowly lift, the Shook Twins return to the San Juan stage.

“We are easing back into this traveling live music slowly with a few gigs that are close to home,” Katelyn Shook said. “The shows we have played so far have been wonderful! The venues have put in a lot of work to make it safe for everyone and the crowd energy is palpable! There’s so much joy to be around others and music once again, it has reminded us not to take it for granted!”

Join the Shook Twins at 7 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 11 at San Juan Community Theatre. Tickets are $32 for adults and $16 for students with reservations. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

Shook Twins — composed of actual twins Katelyn and Laurie Shook — last visited the islands in 2018, touring San Juan, Orcas and Lopez. Originally from Sandpoint, Idaho, the twins currently reside in Portland, Oregon, where they’ve created music together since graduating from the University of Idaho with matching degrees in radio, TV and digital media production. It wasn’t until the twins were 17 that they learned to play guitar, but they’ve been singing for as long as they can remember.

As it’s done to countless performers, the pandemic slowed the twins’ touring momentum.

“We are doing way less shows now. And we are totally fine with that,” Katelyn said. “We’re making each one count because we know they can easily be canceled. Which has happened several times — and we’ve gotten very used to it!”

Katelyn explained the band has been very happy to follow all COVID rules venues have had in place. She added the entire band feels more assured when locations have pandemic-reducing regulations.

“As we enter this new era of possibly having to show proof of vaccinations or negative tests to go to a show, we’re on board and think it’s a clear way to continue having responsible large gatherings,” Katelyn said. “And it helps us feel like we can still have a music career without the fear of possibly perpetuating this pandemic and causing more harm than good.”

As for now, the Shook Twins are, “taking it one day at a time.” Katelyn noted that the band has learned to expect the unexpected and planning too far ahead is a gamble. So the band is only focused on one month in advance. They are excited to return to the San Juans, she added.

“We love taking the ferry and It feels like more of a vacation than a tour stop for us,” she said. “The San Juan community is so warm and friendly and we feel so welcomed and cherished when we come and play there. It’s very special for us.”