Senior Council Districts: transition update

Submitted by Senior Services Council of San Juan County.

Earlier this spring, the Board of Directors of the Senior Services Council of San Juan County (SSCSJC) voted to transfer the operational functions of its three District Committees to three stand-alone nonprofit organizations. The Orcas, Lopez, and San Juan District Committees have been working toward a seamless transition since April. At its meeting August 18, the Board amended its bylaws to move District elections from October to January to help the SSCSJC remain consistent as it transitions.

All three District Committees are currently working with San Juan County and Whatcom Council on Aging (WCOA) to transfer business agreements for transportation and nutrition programs to the three new nonprofits. With separate nonprofits, patrons of Senior Centers should notice little if any changes other than improved services.

The transition is expected to be completed over the next several months. District Committees will continue to operate their senior centers just as they do now until the new nonprofit organizations are ready to assume their new roles. Donations earmarked for a specific center will continue to go to that island’s senior center. Centers do not anticipate any decrease in services, classes, activities or offerings. Instead, the transition period is an opportunity to prepare for improved responsiveness and engagement as each location prepares to move forward independently.

Additional information about the transition is posted on the websites of your senior center on Lopez, Orcas and San Juan Islands:



San Juan: