San Juan Island author releases final book

Eleanor Harper has released her final book, “The Creators,” which includes poems and sketches of the senses.

“It’s a very sensitive book,” said Harper.

After 19 years of living on San Juan, Harper is leaving the island. “The Creators” is her farewell book, which links people through the senses. Her previous books of poems and sketches were:

• “America: A journey I traveled from September 1981 to October 1982”

• “Sigha – Tales of my Adorable pet Siamese Seal Point”

• “Honey and Hairbell – Adventures of my two cats in a village in England”

• “Seasons – The four Seasons of San Juan Island”

• “Creatures – Creatures in and around my house”

• “San Juan Island – Beaches Bays and Harbors of this island”