Republicans welcome San Juan County’s newest American citizen

  • Wed Oct 22nd, 2008 9:16pm
  • Life
From left

From left

San Juan County Republicans gathered at E.J. Thorndike’s big red barn for a country hoedown Oct. 11. Included with a mix of politics, music and dancing, the group took time to congratulate Bianca Tobon.

Tobon is San Juan County’s most recent U.S. citizen.

Tobon took the oath of citizenship in Seattle on Oct. 9. Ary Hobbel presented Tobon and her husband, David, with an American flag.

Hobbel was serving as spokesman for the LLB, a group that has been helping the family build their home in the latest Homes for Islanders project. The LLB is making sure that sufficient volunteer hours are completed to fulfill the Tobons’ sweat equity requirement for Homes for Islanders participants.

David Tobon, a member of the National Guard, received a few days leave to attend his wife’s swearing in ceremony prior to shipping out to Iraq.

In the finest tradition of supporting legal immigration, Hobbel said, “I will proudly help to install the flag on the Tobon home.”