Rental Property Options

  • Thu May 16th, 2019 2:16pm
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San Juan County currently has several mechanisms for legally renting a home in the County. The information below is meant for informational purposes only and does not incorporate all the rules and regulations. It will however provide those who want to learn more about residential renting of homes in the County an overview of at least some of the things they need to consider, and do, prior to listing property for rent.

Long Term Rentals

No permits are required. A long-term rental is typically a term lease and can also be month-to-month. Like short term rentals, professional property management is available and the rates are normally equal to one month’s rent paid at the commencement of the occupancy. If rent, collection and property monitoring is included, then the fee is generally 10 percent per month.

Vacation Rentals

A vacation rental permit from the County is required. Vacation rentals are allowed in all Land Use Districts except Resource, Conservancy and Natural. Further, Town prohibits them unless the property is commercial. The permit application can be processed by a property owner or by a professional who specializes in land use permits. The price range for a Provisional Use Permit, including the consultant is $2,300-$3,500. As long as the property lawfully qualifies, the County should approve the permit, even if a neighbor has an objection.

If the property is improved with a main home and a guest house, only one of the dwellings may be designated as a vacation rental. If either the main or guest house is a vacation rental, the other dwelling must be owner occupied or rented to a long-term tenant. A guest house may be internal, attached or detached.

Under a vacation rental permit, the tenant rents the use of the entire house -a house is defined as one that includes at least a kitchen, bath and bedroom(s).

Details of all County requirements can be reviewed online under Vacation (short-term) Rentals of Residences or Accessory Dwelling Units (guest houses) in the San Juan County Code.

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