Regenerate Cascadia Tour: a powerful example of clear vision combined with local action

Submitted by event organizers.

On Oct. 30, Joe Brewer and Penny Heiple, Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth will be joining the Cascadia Bioregional Activation Tour organized by Clare Attwell and Brandon Letsinger for meetings with residents of both Skagit and San Juan Counties. This tour is a powerful example of clear vision combined with local action.

When it comes to collective action—whether locally or globally, Regenerate Cascadia champion, Steve Melville, suggests that in order to “create the conditions conducive to life thriving, we need nested groups that share a purpose”…[and they] need the autonomy to be self-governing and mutually nurturing as they experiment with new governance models and new economic systems – all emerging from a new planetary stage of consciousness.

As Melville goes on to state: “Using bioregions as its central organizing principle, Regenerate Cascadia ‘is working to address the social and cultural causes of the climate crisis in an effort to undo the cultural and ecological damage caused by colonization and overconsumption. Regenerate Cascadia is approaching Climate Change, not with a solution, but with questions. It’s our hope that through an emergent process, we will come together to share ideas and solutions. But who has a seat at the table? What voices are missing? What are the new forms of best practices, protocols and governance we are going to use for making these decisions?”

“Another impressive component of Regenerate Cascadia is their social movement map. It aims to build a directory of volunteers, organizers, and groups each linked to categories and places that can then be presented in an interactive visual map. This map provides a concrete way to literally see the movement emerge and allows people to discover and connect with one another to share lessons, knowledge and stories.”

“The Cascadia Bioregional Activation Tour offers a month filled with presentations, workshops, and field trips in 14 locations and is capped by a Bioregional Summit. It starts with the premise that ‘the work that the world needs is already happening in our communities. None of us have the entire picture or the solution, but together, we have many solutions, already active. How can we greater empower this work? Its goal is to to activate local, watershed-based groups and networks, and to weave together solutions.”

The Tour comes to Skagit and San Juan Counties on October 30. The main live event will be held at Skagit Valley College in Mount Vernon in Lewis Hall 311 on the 30, 5:30-8 p.m.

We also have permission to use “Classroom C” on the upper level at Skagit Valley College/San Juan Center in Friday Harbor with a capacity of 25-30 people. ADA access is available through the lobby. The majority of parking is below the building. Access to the lobby and restrooms will be available as well.

It will also be streamed via Zoom. Here is the Zoom link:

Passcode: 377494

To find out more, including how you can get involved, visit the Activation Tour page on Regenerate Cascadia’s website, and, for local action, contact the organizer: Larry Greene, Navigating Our Future at or 360-378-3123.