Prevention Coalition’s annual community survey is open

  • Fri Oct 16th, 2020 2:42pm
  • Life

Submitted by the San Juan Island Prevention Coalition

This survey provides the San Juan Island Prevention Coalition with some local information about community perceptions. It also gives one point of data reference along with the Healthy Youth Survey, school intervention data that the Student Assistant Professional collects, and the program assessments for the programs that the SJIPC helps to fund. Such programs include community-based mentoring and strengthening families provided by the San Juan Island Family Resource Center; Second Step social-emotional learning in the elementary school; LifeSkills Training for Friday Harbor Middle School sixth-graders; and the Student Assistance Professional (formerly the Prevention Intervention Specialist full-time position) that provides full-time prevention intervention support at the middle and high schools through support of the Northwest Educational Service District 189’s and the coalition’s Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative partnership. Most importantly, CPWI has helped the SJIPC to support the growth of youth leadership prevention clubs, HOTS, Rock Solid, and HOT, Jr. The SJIPC has a robust social media presence that links to national, regional, and state public awareness campaigns.

By taking this survey, you can help the SJIPC to gain continued support through the Washington Health Care Authority’s Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative, which invests in our community by formalizing and support coordination of community-based decision making.

San Juan Island Prevention Coalition was founded in December 2003, and began receiving federal Drug-Free Communities funding in 2004, and had the benefit of that support for ten years. SJIPC has been able to sustain its work through CPWI funding, a mix of federal block grant funding (Substance Abuse Block Grant/SABG), and state Dedicated Marijuana Account dollars. As a CPWI coalition, the SJIPC also have been able to receive federal Partnership for Success supplemental funds that helped them to pilot the very successful Second Step program in grades K-5. Thank you for completing this short 5-minute survey.

To take the survey in English, visit and in Spanish,