Overcoming disaster

Submitted by Gary Franklin, Windermere.

It’s been two weeks.

Two weeks ago, our lives were impacted by the single, criminal act of a lost soul. Millions of dollars in material damage is just a number, but the collective shock and personal suffering of everyone who worked in the buildings along with their families, friends and neighbors has a greater impact than cash ever could.

As professionals who deal daily with the public, Windermere Realtors have had to improvise, adapt and overcome. With the generosity of our neighbors at Banner Bank, the impact of the disaster has been softened. The bank has benevolently allowed us to occupy their former administration building behind the branch at 545 Park Street (corner of Park and Blair). We moved in with complete offices already furnished and are actively meeting with clients and contractors at that location. Feel free to stop by and tour the building during our regular hours of 9-5 weekdays.

Also, we have secured a lease at 55 Spring Street, the former “Kiddie Cove” location and 100 A First Street, the “Tower”. These offices will open within several weeks and will provide more locations for our growing professional team to better serve our community.

Our community has provided assistance to the businesses and families who’ve been impacted by this event like no other. Windermere Realtors are grateful to be neighbors with you all and we look forward to better serving your real estate needs as we grow! Call us at 360-378-3600 for more information.