National travel, tourism week proclamation, May 7 – 13

  • Wed May 17th, 2017 7:00am
  • Life

Submitted by the Town of Friday Harbor and SJC Council

Whereas, San Juan County recognizes the vital contribution of tourism to a healthy economy and vibrant island communities; Whereas, tourism provides the islands an opportunity to model Leave No Trace and sustainability practices to the greater public in an effort to protect and preserve the characteristics of our islands which are attractive to so many; Whereas, San Juan County collected over $1.4 million in lodging tax in 2016; Whereas, San Juan County collected over $4 million in sales tax in 2016, to which visitors contributed; Whereas, according to the Dean Runyan Associates 2016 Travel Impacts Report, visitors spent over $211 million in San Juan County, tourism generated 2,140 jobs, and visitors to San Juan County generated $21.2 million in local and state taxes; Whereas, San Juan County is proud to be included on many travelers’ “bucket lists,” for its scenic beauty, watchable wildlife, outdoor recreation, history, arts, agritourism and culture; Whereas, leisure travel spurs countless benefits to travelers’ health and wellness, creativity, cultural awareness, education, happiness, productivity and relationships; The San Juan County Council does hereby proclaim May 7-13, 2017 as National Travel and Tourism Week in San Juan County, Washington, and urge citizens to join us in this special observance.