Meet River- Pet of the Week

Submitted by the Animal Protection Society – Friday Harbor

HI! MY NAME IS RIVER, and I’m one of the eight puppies who arrived here at the shelter earlier this month, buuut based on the excitement we’ve stirred up in this island community, I have a feeling you may have already known that! You may be so wrapped up in puppy pandemonium that you’re unable to see all the individual ways in which each one of us lil’ pups shine. Don’t worry though, there are no judgments from me and my shelter friends; we know all too well the effect baby animals (especially puppies) have on people — us included!

So, before cuteness overload takes hold of your brain completely, I wanted to share some fun facts about the one and only me, River!

(1) I’m a Parvo+ Survivor

(2) I have an underbite which I’m told is very adorable

(3) Out of all eight of us, I’m the biggest

(4) Although this photo doesn’t show it, I have a little white mohawk which is my favorite hairstyle right now

One final note: Although I’m a very happy puppy, I will only be friends with someone who notices that sometimes I get a little scared and who will respect my boundaries. Don’t worry though, I warm up to new, understanding, friends quickly!

Age: ~six months

Sex: Male

Breed: ShihTzu/Pug/Chihuahua Mix

Origin: Eastern Washington

Weight: 10 lbs

Personality: Exuberant, Agile, Giving

Energy Level: Puppy Medium-High

Likes: Licking Humans’ Faces, Running Fast, the Power of Positive Thinking


Being Rushed, Stereotypes About Weight, Scary Movies

• Pandemonium / (noun): a wild uproar (as because of anger or excitement in a crowd of people)

• Puppy pandemonium / (noun): when the pandemonium (of the excitement variety, obviously) erupts in response to the cuteness overload that puppies bring